2021.11.7 Recruitment Information 【 architecture 】

Recruitment of Hechi secondary road: 1 accountant of mixing plant.

   Welfare 2: love to play, buy and share; Carpooling, job hunting and second-hand trading; Pay attention to the official account.

Job requirements: 5 years of highway construction experience, 1 requires pavement experience and hard work.

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Those with experience are preferred.

217, Jinyi Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu (all projects are in Chengdu ring) resume delivery email: 397103936@qq.com    Name + applied position 12 documenter, Accountant Recruitment post: survey documenter job requirements: about 3 years of highway survey data work experience, required resident, Hechi Xiaao recruitment post: municipal road documenter intern job requirements: female, major in construction engineering, fresh student in 2021 / 2022, good local people in Nanning, Recruitment post at Fengling South Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning: 4 project accounting interns.

11 second class road, Guilin.

Job requirements: unlimited men and women, proficient in computer operation, 1-2 years of clerical position experience is preferred.

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1 documenter recruitment position: 3 municipal skilled documenters recruitment position: 1 intern salary: face-to-face discussion contact number: 15156878621 work address: Economic Development Zone 2 subcontractor documenter recruitment position: Subcontractor documenter salary: face-to-face discussion work address: Zhengrong project, Nanhu Avenue, Hongshan District, Wuhan contact number: President Xiao   139701099383 construction workers Technician Recruitment position: one construction worker salary: 8000 ~ 10000 recruitment position: one technician salary: face to face contact number: Shu Zong 15271915159 work address: Caidian construction site 4 municipal road construction worker recruitment position: municipal road construction worker salary: 10000 + contact number: V 18507198988 work address: Hankou north 5 Data Intern Recruitment position: 1 female capital Salary of material Intern: Negotiable; contact number of Construction Engineering Specialty: 17300083601 (same number of wechat); working address: water electrician, 6 Fengling South Road, Nanning   Recruitment position: several hydropower workers salary: Negotiable, including food and accommodation Tel.: he Zong   13761911668 working address:   Recruitment of 7 constructors, accountants and documenters of Anhui Huaihua project: 2 constructors.

Tel.: 19163934397.

Tel.: Wei Gong 19195848952 (wechat Tong).

Salary: Negotiable, 4-day monthly rest.

Classify and store all kinds of materials in the warehouse and make records.

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Recruitment position: Chief Technical Engineer (Jinjiang District) Recruitment position under the age of 45: Project Manager (housing construction and municipal administration) salary: Negotiable (14 salary, five insurances and one fund, holiday benefits, birthday subsidies, seniority wages and other benefits) Tel.: 18030505320 (wechat Tong) / 028-67835661 work address: second floor, No.

Job requirements: accounting related majors, accounting experience of more than half a year, suitable for resident work, Hechi work recruitment post: 1 documenter job requirements: 3-5 years of experience as a highway quality inspection documenter, resident Guilin Yongfu salary: Negotiable, including food and accommodation contact number: Wei Gong 19195848952 (wechat same) 8 Warehouse Administrator Recruitment post: a warehouse administrator (45-55 years old) job responsibilities:     1.

Working address: Electrician 9 of construction site in Anren County, Chenzhou, Hunan   Recruitment position: 1 electrician job requirements:   25-50 years old, not afraid of heights, having done hydropower installation in bridge industry is preferred, with electrician operation certificate, salary: Negotiable, including food and accommodation, contact number:   17300083601 (wechat) working address: 10 project manager, tester and clerk of Hunan Anren expressway project recruitment position: 1 Project Manager (male, 28-45 years old, full-time college degree or above) job requirements: at least 3 class II road project managers with the same job experience and strong organization and coordination ability recruitment position: 1 tester job requirements: more than 3 years of highway test experience, Hardworking recruitment position: 1 resident clerk.

Job address: Project Manager and chief technical engineer of No.

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Manage the oil tank and refuel the vehicles and equipment on the construction site    3.

Be responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the station and the reinforcement plant, and the cleaning of the toilet    2.

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Job requirements: accounting related majors, fresh students in 2021 / 2022, adapt to the project resident work, train in Nanning for one month in the early stage, and then allocate resident salary and treatment: face-to-face discussion.

Welfare three: pay attention to the official account, understand the latest developments in the construction industry, and get more help information (first, second construction, etc.).

1: official account of the public number and the amount of construction information.

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Salary: 4500-5000.

Contact number: Wei Gong 19195848952 (wechat) Address: Qinzhou, Beihai / Chongzuo / Guigang, etc., recommended by the official account of quality public No.


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