12 membrane structure facades make the building softer!

At night, the inert gas in its air pillow can show different colors under the action of light.

Xinhe design center is located in the coastal city of Xiamen, China.

In order to embody this concept, the designer deepens the concept of water, not only using water element as decoration, but also using its unique microstructure characteristics: foam.

02lv Osaka flagship store, Japan “sailboat” facade building night view made of translucent material @ the picture comes from the online LV Osaka flagship store, Japan.

The project is an innovative office building with mixed layout of office space and green garden.

This symbiosis of form and structure reduces the weight and minimizes the amount of resources, thus saving energy and cost, and creating a well lit, eye-catching and impressive architectural form.

In addition, each air pillow bubble room on the outer wall is equipped with LED lights, with a total of 36000.

Guanzhu membrane structure is a lightweight structure full of beauty and elegance.

Partial night view @ image from the network 03The shed has the real view of the art center with unlimited possibilities @ image from the network the shed Art Center is located in Hudson squares in New York, which is a new cultural landmark in Manhattan.

The partial @ pictures of the curtain wall come from the creative concept of the network water cube.

The main building is spacious and has no columns.

Such a strange and charming building has become a real and changeable art center with unlimited possibilities.

Based on the design inspiration of “foam”, the designer wrapped the “square box” with a layer of architectural skin, which was covered with cool water like molecular structure geometry.

04 Xinhe R & D and design center efficient and green energy-saving building renderings @ the picture comes from the Internet.

The night view @ picture of the building comes from the Internet.

There are more and more buildings with membrane structure facade on the outer wall.

The project covers an area of about 18500 square meters, of which the main building is about 2340 square meters (8 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground).

The curtain wall of the water cube is composed of more than 3800 ETFE (tetrafluoroethylene) air pillows in 11 different shapes.

The covered ETFE transparent film gives the building an ice crystal appearance, making it have a unique visual effect and feeling.

When the building shell shrinks, the 1860 square meter square will become an open public space for artists to carry out outdoor exhibitions and other activities.

The local structure @ picture comes from the online theshed Art Center.

The dreamy light blue comes from the first film structure of the air pillow, and because the curved surface can reflect sunlight, the whole building looks like crystal water droplets in the sun.

The building covers an area of about 15000 square meters, a building area of about 61000 square meters and a building height of 45.5 meters.

The rack and pinion drive moves the housing back and forth on four single axle and two double axle bogie wheels with a diameter of about 1.83 meters.

When sunlight enters the venue, it needs to be filtered through the plating points, and part of the light will be reflected back into the air by the plating points.

Membrane structure, which has the style characteristics of simplicity, lightness and beautiful curve, has gradually become one of the mainstream of new building structures.

It is like a drawer, which can simply slide under a skyscraper.

The picture of the US embassy in the UK @ comes from the facade of the building surrounded by the blue air pillow of the Internet 01 water cube @ the picture comes from the facade of the building surrounded by the blue air pillow.

It is a museum level exhibition space.

The partial @ picture of the building facade comes from more than 3800 membrane structure air pillows on the network curtain wall, which are covered with invisible plating spots.

The total construction area of the project is about 4182 square meters, with 7 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground.

These plating points play the role of reflecting light.

Taking “water” as the space of life, it gives people an illusory, flexible and changeable feeling.

It looks like a random building facade, but it follows strict rules.

The translucent curved material creates the appearance of layers of sails, and then uses the sunlight and indoor lights to enhance the lightness, giving people an impression of sailing.

Its space takes a circular atrium, six core tubes and six long-span cantilevered spaces as the “skeleton” of the building..

The Internet water cube is a square building with a length and width of 177 meters by 177 meters and a height of 31 meters.

When the telescopic shell is opened, the movable shell runs on a two wheel track based on the gantry crane technology commonly used in port and railway systems.

Its raw material is a kind of high-temperature resistant ink.

Pillows filled with inert gas are installed on the inner and outer layers.

Therefore, the outline and appearance become soft, and the charm of water is perfectly reflected in the building.

The cushion is made of tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) polymer with durable, light weight and excellent heat insulation performance.

This creates a 1600 square meter space with controllable light source, sound and temperature.

This space can accommodate about 1250 audience seats, or let more than 2000 audience stand to watch art performances.

This is an art that spans a huge distance with the minimum material thickness, in which the design follows the principle of force.

It is also the world’s first single brand retail store integrating design, exhibition, experience and catering.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

The retractable shell is composed of exposed steel inclined frame and wrapped in translucent cushion.

It is the R & D and design headquarters of Xinhe group and its six fashion brands.

The telescopic mode @ picture comes from the network.

The shed Art Center is 37 meters high and has a retractable building skin.

The design inspiration @ picture comes from the facade design of the network building, and its inspiration comes from the Huiyuan return ship in Japan, which is a cargo ship between Edo and Osaka on a regular basis (as shown in the left picture above).


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