What are the construction schedule software?

Synchro4d construction progress simulation software has the following functions: 1 Management model construction progress simulation software is compatible with modeling software at the same time.

It can build and edit models in the software.

Therefore, the preparation of the construction schedule must follow the corresponding rules and steps.

The construction progress simulation software has the advantages of creating, visualizing, analyzing, editing and tracking the whole project, ensures the continuity of the work of each construction team, enables the later process to be inserted into the construction in advance, and improves the construction efficiency and comprehensive economic benefits.

According to the model and task attributes or user-defined field matching rules, they can automatically match personnel, materials Equipment and space resources are allocated to tasks, support model-based progress editing and management, use growth simulation to display the installation direction, use 3D path to display the equipment and material movement of the whole site, track the resource status and actual resource usage, support multiple color display modes to display 4D processes, support direct viewing of 4D preview and real-time audit, Support viewing with project participants in free open viewer software or exporting videos for sharing 4 Tracking cost and earned value analysis supports the allocation or import of resource costs and task expenses.

View and export the project cost report.

Division of construction process Calculation workload 3 Determine the amount of labor and the number of machine shifts 4 Determine the duration of each construction process (days or weeks) 5 6.

As we all know, at present, our common construction progress simulation software basically has no model editing or creation ability, but synchro4d is different from it.

With the development of BIM Technology, 4D software (3D model + time) and even 5D software (intelligent 3D model + time + resources) for construction schedule simulation have entered a new stage.

The following are the preparation steps of the construction schedule: 1 2.

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The purpose of formulating the construction schedule is to ensure that the construction project is delivered for use within the time limit specified in the contract.

Gantt chart method is a relatively clear and intuitive method for making construction schedule.

Before the construction schedule software, many enterprises like to use the Gantt chart method to formulate the construction schedule.

A clear and reasonable construction schedule can enable all project participants to understand the construction progress, actively cooperate with the construction plan formulated by the construction organization, and achieve the goal of rapidly promoting the construction speed of the project.

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Support model data from multiple sources  synchronously update model data  import and associate model attributes – Dimensions – equipment number – user-defined fields to create simple geometry (box, cylinder, sphere or polygon) to supplement objects not included in the imported model data, such as settlement area or workspace  model cutting processing, Match the accuracy of construction task arrangement (according to the model such as multiple pouring of concrete slab) and filter based on attribute 2 Progress management supports progress data from multiple sources, such as subcontractor progress information  contains a fully functional critical path method (CPM) system to help edit the schedule from scratch  supports progress deepening, Add more details to promote the subdivision of construction procedures , support the synchronous update of progress data , support the export or synchronization of progress data to other progress software, support the display of progress in task breakdown structure (WBS) or activity code structure, support the import or creation and allocation of task activity code, and improve the form of progress display, for example, by industry Filter or sort by level or construction area  support filtering or sorting progress by attribute  calculate and display critical path (longest path or minimum float) built-in progress health check module to find potential errors Missing logic and unreasonable items support baseline (target plan) saving and digital comparison of multi version progress or hypothetical schemes # edit task duration and logical correlation to create different hypothetical schemes and update project completion 3 Manage resources and 4D model data.

Spherical Head Anchor

Tracking actual costs supports the earned value chart to display the cumulative cost calculated according to the work breakdown structure (WBS).

The construction schedule is an important factor to promote the construction progress.

Prepare the initial scheme of the construction schedule Check and adjust the initial scheme of the construction schedule.

It aims to combine BIM data with construction management process and support the planning, scheduling and control of construction project life cycle in a virtualized and visual way.

Synchro4d is a progress preparation / process management platform covering the whole stage of project construction.

It can predict the impact of changes on the construction period and future work in the implementation, so as to take countermeasures in time.

At present, the construction progress simulation software used more in the market is synchro4d.

By dragging and dropping, model objects (resources) can be easily assigned to tasks.


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