【 Yujian Recruitment 】 Invitation Letter for the 2024 Spring Architectural Design Job Fair at Zhijiang University

Spring is a crucial period for college graduates to choose and find employment. In order to meet the career development needs of graduates and the recruitment and intelligence needs of employers, achieve reasonable flow of talent resources, better build a communication and exchange platform between employers and graduates, and promote the smooth employment of our college students, the School of Architecture and the School of Design have planned to hold the “Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College 2024 Spring Architectural Design Recruitment Fair” on April 11, 2024. We sincerely invite all employers to visit our college to recruit talents!.

The School of Architecture at Zhejiang University of Technology’s Zhijiang College was established in 1999, with two departments: Architecture and Planning and Landscape Architecture. It has three undergraduate majors: Architecture (a five-year, provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction site), Urban and Rural Planning (a key major at the Shaoxing city level), and Landscape Architecture (a first-class major at the college). There are over 716 undergraduate students enrolled..

The School of Architecture currently has more than 40 faculty members, including 4 professors, 13 associate professors, 11 doctoral students, 1 young top talent in Shaoxing City, 2 new social science graduates in Shaoxing City, and 3 outstanding talents in Zaohu. More than 30 provincial-level and above teaching and research projects and awards, including first-class courses, first prize in provincial youth education competitions, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences projects, have been received with a total payment of over 20 million yuan. We have professional laboratories such as Shaoxing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center “Architecture Training Center”, Shaoxing Industry Education Integration Demonstration Base “Excellent Architect Talent Training Industry Education Integration Demonstration Base”, Virtual Reality Laboratory, and dozens of internship bases..

The college adheres to the educational philosophy of “openness, engineering, and service-oriented”, focuses on cultivating students’ application and innovation abilities, and has won more than 60 awards in provincial-level and above competitions. More than 110 graduates have entered well-known domestic and foreign universities such as Tongji University, Zhejiang University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for further education, with an annual rate of over 9%..

Rosette Scaffolding

The School of Design has always regarded improving the quality of talent cultivation as the core of its teaching content, continuously optimizing professional education, deepening practical teaching, strengthening collaborative education, actively connecting with local economic and industrial development, deepening party building integration and school enterprise cooperation with surrounding street communities, and emphasizing the cultivation of students’ application technology ability and innovative practical ability. In recent years, students have participated in various famous design competitions both domestically and internationally and have won over 360 awards, including 24 national level awards, 220 provincial-level awards, and more than 110 other outstanding and shortlisted awards. Graduates have high comprehensive quality and are widely praised by society and employers. In recent years, the implementation rate of graduates and the satisfaction rate of employers have remained above 95% for consecutive years. We sincerely thank your company for your strong support and assistance in the employment work of our school’s graduates over the years..

Gymnasium, library corridor or the first floor of the library (specific location depends on weather conditions), Zhijiangyun Teacher and Student Service Center, and coffee bar (on-site interview venue for enterprises)..

Venues such as Zhijiangyun and coffee bars can be used as interview venues for employers. Please maintain order and hygiene on site when using them..

Employers, graduates of the School of Architecture in 2024 and 2025, and graduates of the School of Design in 2024 and 2025..

1. In principle, each unit is limited to recruiting 2 personnel on campus.


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