【 Sichuan 】 recruitment | recruitment brochures of Sichuan Construction Vocational and technical college in 2022

There are 1 national teaching team, 5 provincial teaching teams, 3 provincial university enterprise joint application technology innovation bases and 5 engineering technology innovation teams.

The college also has more than 350 part-time teachers, all of whom are well-known experts and craftsmen in industry enterprises.

The college is a national high-quality vocational college, selected as the construction unit of the high-level professional group of the national “double high plan”, the national advanced unit for the employment of college graduates, the first batch of national universities with typical experience in graduate employment, the deputy director unit of the national vocational education and teaching steering Committee for housing and urban rural construction, and the national demonstration unit for cultural construction in the construction industry, The first batch of 1 + X certificate system pilot colleges in China, the first batch of vocational training pilot units for construction site professionals in the construction field in Sichuan Province, the first university in Sichuan Province to introduce ISO9000 quality certification system and the post doctoral innovation practice base in Sichuan Province, and the first to build the only class a excellent provincial university science and Technology Park among Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province, Won the “top 50 teaching resources of Higher Vocational Colleges” and the “sixth Huang Yanpei excellent School Award for vocational education”.

The college has 1254 faculty members, 18484 full-time students and 319 continuing education students.

There are 54 doctors, 68 doctors and 751 masters.

Professional setting and overall design.

It cooperates with Melbourne Institute of technology in Australia, Lincoln College in Britain, via University in Denmark and Maersk to set up the specialty of Sino foreign cooperation.


Civil servants or staff of public institutions who are in the probation period or have not reached the minimum service life, as well as other employed personnel who have not registered with the consent of the employer.

College profile Sichuan Institute of architecture and technology is a public full-time college, subordinate to the Department of housing and urban rural development of Sichuan Province.

Have behaviors and experiences unsuitable for education and student management.

Note: the permanent residence of the Department of transportation and municipal engineering and the Department of railway engineering is Chengdu campus, and the permanent residence of other teaching units is Deyang campus.

Those who have a master’s degree or above, have more than 10 years of front-line work experience in enterprises and have senior professional titles, if they apply for professional course teachers, they are only required to obtain a master’s degree; Fresh college graduates in 2022 must obtain academic degree certificates before July 31, 2022.



2、 Application conditions (I) the applicant shall meet the following conditions at the same time 1 We have a firm political position, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and abide by the Constitution and laws of the people’s Republic of China.





At present, there are 12 teaching departments (colleges), 1 teaching department and 60 specialties, including 1 national high-level specialty group, 5 national demonstration specialties, 5 national backbone specialties, 1 National Modern Apprenticeship pilot specialty, 3 modern apprenticeship pilot specialties in Sichuan Province, 4 key specialties in Sichuan Province, 1 “curriculum ideological and political” demonstration specialty in Sichuan Province One demonstration teaching team of “curriculum thought and politics” in Sichuan Province.

If the applicant is an on-the-job employee, the annual assessment grade over the years is qualified (competent) or above.

Note: the student office will assign students to work in Deyang campus or Chengdu campus according to the actual situation.

born after January 1, 1992 (inclusive).


The majors of undergraduate and graduate students shall be consistent with the job requirements.

There are 56 senior professional titles, 252 vice senior professional titles and 512 “double qualified” teachers.

Have been dismissed from public office.

Party and government disciplinary sanctions have not been lifted or are under disciplinary review.

4、 Compensation and benefits 1 Personnel agency employment, contract management, and equal pay for equal work with career teachers..

Age requirements: full time teacher post, under the age of 45, i.e.

There are 3 experts enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council, 1 provincial academic and technical leader, 5 reserve candidates for Provincial Academic and technical leaders, 3 outstanding provincial experts with outstanding contributions, 1 national excellent teacher, 3 provincial excellent teachers, 1 provincial excellent educator, 2 provincial famous teachers in teaching and education, 4 provincial famous teachers and 1 Tianfu scholar, One provincial counselor and one provincial technical expert.

Good conduct and good professional ethics; Love and dedication, have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility.

Strengthen the talent base and lead the development.

The college has two campuses in Deyang and Chengdu, covering an area of 2129 mu, a construction area of 570000 square meters, 1.336 million books, teaching instruments and equipment worth more than 260 million yuan and fixed assets worth 900 million yuan.

(2) Those who have one of the following circumstances shall not participate in the application 1 Having received various criminal punishments.

Violating disciplines and regulations in the recruitment of civil servants and public recruitment of public institutions and the treatment period has not expired.

It holds vocational undergraduate education jointly with Xihua University, Chengdu Institute of technology and Sichuan Huaxi Group Co., Ltd.

Fixing Socket

College recruitment [Sichuan] examinee exchange group consultation wechat 1.


Social reputation, widely praised.

The specialty setting of the college mainly focuses on Civil Engineering, transportation and management, taking into account the coordinated development of equipment manufacturing, electronic information, finance and economics, surveying and mapping, materials, water conservancy, humanities and other disciplines.

According to the opinions of the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council on accelerating the construction of credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanism for dishonest persons, dishonest persons are identified by the people’s court through judicial procedures.

born after January 1, 1977 (inclusive) (the age of particularly excellent candidates can be relaxed appropriately); Full time counselor, under the age of 30, i.e.

There are 1 post doctoral innovation practice base, 1 academician expert workstation and 4 master studios, including 1 municipal skill master studio.


3、 Recruitment posts and requirements for specific posts and requirements, see the list of foreign introduction plans for full-time teachers in 2022 and the list of foreign introduction plans for full-time counselors in 2022.


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