【 knowledge 】 ranking of the top ten buildings in Kunming, enjoy the most beautiful skyline of spring city!

The 218m main office building of No.6 Luosiwan Joy City is the original site upgrading of the old Luosiwan market led by the government A large-scale urban commercial complex project.

The project is located at the first ring road of the main city of Kunming, adjacent to Nanba road in the East, Panlongjiang landscape belt in the west, laohaigeng road in the west, Second Ring urban express in the South and urban trunk road of South Ring Road in the north.

No.1 Kunming Henglong Plaza is 350 meters.

The highest building that has been completed and capped is Kunming Henglong square.

Looking from a distance, they stand side by side like two towers, which will amaze North Kunming.

It is a large urban complex integrating commercial leisure, star hotels, property rights hotels and high-end offices, including podium commercial leisure , business office, property hotel, super 5-star hotel and basement are equipment rooms and parking garage.

Among them, commercial buildings The building area is about 700000 m2, and the area of super 5-star hotels, 5A office buildings and apartments is about 430000 m2.

At the same time, tongdeyue center will create Yunnan’s “TOD vertical complex” To this end, the 239m vertical complex project of Tongde Yuet center has planned a full range of product lines such as presidential suite, loft hardbound apartment, think tank office building and loft international apartment, covering different needs and meeting users’ different needs for residence, life, entertainment and office in an all-round way.

4 tongdeyue center, 239m away from tongdeyue center, is located at the intersection of Baiyun road and Beijing Road in Kunming In the field area, the project is located directly opposite the 269 office building in Kunming square.

The south side of the base is Huancheng South Road, adjacent to Dianchi Road, the north side is the proposed land for phase II residential buildings in Zhongli City, and the East and west sides are multi-storey civil buildings.

Kunming is surrounded by mountains on three sides and Dianchi Lake on the south.

It will form a one-stop consumption and experience, which will create a new fashion quality lifestyle for the majority of fashion people and consumers.

In the glass curtain wall, it deeply creates a cutting-edge and unique landmark temperament Experience the high-end life in the city.

This layout is not only similar to Kunming It is closely related to the cultural atmosphere of focusing on leisure and entertainment, and is also conducive to the overall external rental operation.

A comprehensive shopping mall is built in the West plot, on which three 100 meter high apartment buildings are designed.

The harmony square is the final work of the harmony century complex.

Relatively speaking, they are not very concentrated in distribution, but most of them are distributed in the old urban area within the second ring road.

Originally, the planned height of the project is 458 meters, However, due to the construction of check-in Hall of rail line 6, it is reduced to the current height.

The terrain is generally high in the north and low in the south, with many karst caves and karst landforms.

Dianchi Lake is the largest plateau lake in Yunnan Province and the sixth largest freshwater lake in China.


The project consists of two 210 meter super high-rise buildings.

The project is invested by Kunming Iron and steel Holding Co., Ltd , covering an area of 19998.6 square meters, equivalent to about 30 mu, with an elevation of 4.1.

It belongs to north subtropical low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate.

Compared with the popularity of tourism tobacco in the country, Kunming’s industry has a much lower market popularity in the country.

Kunming Henglong Plaza is the first development project of Henglong real estate in Southwest China, with a total land area of 56042.97 square meters (84.06 mu).

There are also many tall buildings in Chenggong New Area.

On the east side of the plot are two 316 meter high-rise top office buildings and one 100 meter high super five-star hotel (including four storey podium), covering an area of 3.1 hectares and a total construction area of 433000 m2 (356000 ㎡ above the ground and 77000 ㎡ underground.

There are Shilin Bazi in the karst basin.

The shopping mall was opened on December 1, 2018.

The main structure of the twin towers of Pan Asia International Finance building is 316 meters high, with 67 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground, and the standard floor height is 4.1-4.6 meters.

It was put into operation in 2014.

However, in recent years, with the development of the national economy to inland cities, Kunming seems to be stepping into the golden age of skyscrapers.

1 middle school in Xishan District)..

No.8 Haiyuan wealth center, 203 meters away, is developed by Yunnan minbang group and located at the intersection of Haiyuan middle road and Keguang road in high tech Zone (next to No.

At present, Kunming is building the “eye of spring” with a maximum height of 408 meters.

The first 45 storey building has a total height of 218m, the second 42 storey building has a total height of 198m, and the third 39 storey building has a total height of 185m.

The three floors underground are designed to focus on parking, while the podium floors 1 to 5 are ancillary facilities of five-star hotels, including catering, banquet, conference, KTV, sauna, swimming, etc.

No.3 Tongde Kunming square is 269 meters away from Beijing Road and opposite Carrefour on Baiyun road; the upper north area of Kunming square is located to the north of Jinxing overpass, close to Jinxing overpass North 2nd Ring Road is an urban complex with an area of 870000 square meters.

The project was completed and put into use in 2015.

It is located at the junction of Dongfeng East Road and Beijing Road in Panlong District in the heart of Kunming Central Business District, and is seamlessly connected with the transfer station of metro lines 2 and 3.

In December of the same year, Wanda · Kunming twin towers, a super 5A class A office building of Kunming Xishan Wanda Plaza, was officially named “Pan Asia International Finance Building” by Yunnan provincial finance office.

It is a gateway city open to Southeast Asia and South Asia and a national historical and cultural city.

The building has three floors underground and 50 floors above the ground, with an elevation of 219.3 meters.

The scenery along both sides of the lake is beautiful.

The interior decoration is under way at the end of 2018.

Kunming enjoys the reputation of “Spring City”.

After the completion of the construction, the two urban landmark buildings are located on both sides of Beijing road.

The annual average temperature is 16.5 ℃, the average annual rainfall is 1450mm, the frost free period is 278 days, and the climate is pleasant.

Kunming is a mountainous landform.

Lifting Eye Anchor

As of December 2018, the project is still under internal decoration.

The project consists of three super high-rise buildings and podiums.

The 6th to 25th floors are the office floors, of which the 24th and 25th floors are reserved offices.

among them, the catering and entertainment space is large and relatively independent.

The 26th to 50th floors are hotel rooms.

On December 20, 2015, Wanda · Kunming twin towers were officially put into use.

It is the capital of Yunnan Province.

The first apron in Yunnan is built on the top floor.

On September 12, 2018, Hang Lung real estate held a grand capping ceremony in Kunming, Hang Lung Plaza, the first comprehensive commercial project in the southwest of the mainland.

It has unique geographical advantages.

Located in Haigeng Road, in Kunming financial district, Pan Asia International Finance building is the first urban complex in Pan Asia Financial District, including large business, super five-star hotel, high-end office building, apartment, urban commercial street and supporting facilities.

There is the largest underground parking lot in the main urban area, with about 13000 parking spaces.

In addition to the residential buildings representing the quality of luxury houses in Kunming and the 269M office buildings marking the new height of Kunming, it has a commercial area of nearly 90000 square meters of “citywalking” It is the first sophisticated fashion cutting-edge and unique shoppingmall in Kunming that integrates leisure and entertainment, fashion catering and shopping experience.

It is 239m high and embraces Kunming 269.

No.2 Pan Asia International Finance Building Twin Towers 316 m Pan Asia International Finance building, formerly known as Kunming twin towers of Kunming Xishan Wanda Plaza, started construction in September 2013.

No.7 harmony square Located in Yinhe Avenue, Kunming City, the harmony square with double towers of 210 meters covers an area of 32655.1 square meters and a building area of 14295 square meters.

Like Yunnan, where Kunming is located, tourism and tobacco industry are the pillar industries of the city, and Kunming is extremely rich in tourism resources.

It is an emerging urban complex integrating high-end shopping centers, 5A business office buildings and urban apartments, and integrating financial, business, residential and other functions.

Kunming has a large number of high-rise buildings.

The project is divided into East and West plots.

No.5 Kunming Iron and steel technology Daxia 219.3m Kunming Iron and steel technology building is located at the south end of Kunming central axis and plot 33, Xichang Road.

It covers a total area of 316 Mu and a total construction area of about 2 million m2, including commercial, office buildings, hotels, apartments and other property forms.


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