Zhongnan Construction | all overseas projects insist on holding daily safety and epidemic prevention morning meetings

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Near the end of the year, all overseas projects of Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Industry Group overseas companies insist on holding daily safety and epidemic prevention morning meetings to convey and learn the requirements on safety production and epidemic prevention and control, deploy the precautions for safety production on that day, correct fluke psychology and wrong behavior in thought and action, and escort the end of the year for overseas companies.

Walk less in different work areas without intersection and aggregation.

Every day, 10 minutes before the formal construction, each project leader shall convene all personnel on site, and all team leaders and construction team members must participate without asking for leave.

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In view of the weak safety awareness and lack of epidemic prevention awareness of localized employees in each region, each project specially convenes localized employees to carry out safety and epidemic prevention morning meeting education according to the principle of “epidemic prevention grid”, and then publicize, emphasize and require, and strictly implement various safety and epidemic prevention rules and regulations.

The overseas project department will strive to achieve zero accidents in production safety, zero defects in project quality, zero complaints in environmental protection and zero infection in epidemic prevention and control with high-pressure situation and effective measures.

All construction personnel are required to wear masks, safety helmets, reflective clothes and safety belts for high-altitude operation.

Through the safety and epidemic prevention production morning meeting, correctly guide employees, continuously improve employees’ self-protection awareness, normalize and institutionalize the enterprise safety production education, and make the safety and epidemic prevention laws, regulations, rules and work requirements deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through subtle indoctrination, so as to realize the transformation from “want me to be safe” to “I want to be safe”.


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