Zhang Yonghe: architecture is far from just form!

Over the past 100 years, Chinese modern architecture has developed in dialogue with the international community and continuous practice.

In addition, do you think there is anything else worth thinking about between architecture and people? Zhang Yonghe: the key point of the relationship between architecture and people in Liangzhu Gome project lies in how architecture participates in education.

After returning to China, they not only laid a foundation for China’s modern architectural education and rushed to the excavation and protection of material heritage, but also became the backbone of modern architectural practice.

The plane is in the shape of a curved ruler.

My ideas are derived from my observations accumulated when teaching architecture: 1 Careers are not static.

Learning is not just reading.

The exhibition is divided into two parts.

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Due to the terrain, these private courtyards not only enjoy sunshine and scenery, but also have privacy.

Zhang Yonghe, founder of extraordinary architecture studio and former judge of the architect Pritzker Prize, Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and professor of Tongji University, former director of Architecture Department, “design weather station”, provides a full-service Internet knowledge sharing brand for young designers.

You once said, “architecture should not be divided into East and West, but into North and south according to the climate, because architecture is designed for people.” So, among the buildings you have seen, which project can best reflect “design for people”? What is the main manifestation? Zhang Yonghe: behind the climate problem is the relationship between man and nature.

The exhibition is co sponsored by Penn University, Southeast University and Tongji University, and co curated by Professor bin Dalin Zhongjie, Professor Tong Ming of Southeast China and Professor Li Xiangning of Tongji.

The use zoning is clear and reasonable.

Second “design meteorological observatory”: in the Gome Liangzhu campus project, you can see that your design takes full account of people’s sociality, usability and convenience.

The design works of two representative contemporary architects and educators Zhang Yonghe and Wang Shu are selected to investigate their balance between modernity and nativity through the comparison of six works in three scales of large, medium and small.

People applying for admission are even willing to queue up for more than ten years.

From 1919 to 1934, 25 foreign students studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, including Liang Sicheng, Yang Tingbao, Tong Jun, Lin Huiyin and other sages.

If I want to give a case of “designing for people”, I will think of the fredensburg houses designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon.

Zhang Yonghe, and share with us how modern architecture should balance modernity and localization, and how to give way to people.

When I visited a few years ago, the management told me that people like the sense of security and seclusion here.

The exhibition “Chinese construction: Centennial dialogue of modern architecture” strives to present the dialogue between China and the west, generations and contemporary practitioners in the development of Chinese modern architecture, which is reflected in the creation and construction of different times, and also reflects the characteristics of China’s innovation and experiment in the earth and cities.

The second part of the contemporary section is displayed in the Fisher Art Library of Penn University.

The two wings embrace a single family courtyard to encourage people to participate in outdoor activities.

First, thank you very much, Mr.

Zhang Yonghe, for accepting this interview.

How can we make today’s education adapt to this situation? 2.

The motto of MIT, another school I teach, is: head and hand.

The first part of the historical section is displayed in the architectural archives of the University of Pennsylvania, showing a series of architectural works of the first generation of Chinese architects who graduated from Penn University after returning home.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin

Inspired by the Danish farmhouse and the Chinese courtyard, Wu Zhong skillfully arranged 63 houses along the finger ridge; Each house faces the natural scenery down the slope and backs against the community public space on the slope; The house type is a bungalow for the convenience of the elderly.

▲ fredensborg houses if the space is properly shaped, it can become a part of the education system.

The complex was built between 1959 and 1963 and was initially built for retired diplomats.

“We consider how to bring climate conditions into design and combine it with today’s lifestyle and engineering technology, which is far from just a matter of formal language.”—— Zhang Yonghe Centennial dialogue on Chinese construction of modern architecture China University of Pennsylvania School of design will hold a large-scale exhibition “Chinese construction: Centennial dialogue on modern architecture” from January to may 2022.

Knowledge is rational and even abstract, but also perceptual and material.

During the Liangzhu campus design competition, in view of the fact that all the invited architects were teaching in the University at the same time, Gome asked us to put forward a learning concept different from the current education system before doing campus space design.

One wing is for living and the other wing is for rest.

As a cooperative media, “design meteorological observatory” is honored to interview the main guest of this exhibition, Mr.

In fact, more and more young people choose to start a business, that is, to create a career of their own.

Therefore, teaching should advocate the use of both hands and brain.

For architects, inviting people out of architecture is as important as inviting people into architecture.

Tiktok will publish the latest professional knowledge, industry news, master interview, case analysis and other professional contents every day.

The curriculum arrangement places too much emphasis on professionalism, which limits students’ future development space.

It shows that hands are an important method of learning or thinking, so every student, regardless of major, should master it..

Behind the climate issue is the relationship between man and nature.


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