Zaha’s masterpiece by the construction female demon head explodes the circle of friends with a horizontal “8”

It is Zaha’s masterpiece, a new landmark of Guangzhou: limitless Plaza, which costs 4.5 billion over five years.

What’s the magic of “overlooking the Pearl River in the east of Baiyun Shanxi” and “an office building unlike an office building”? What was the original design inspiration? Is there any special significance in designing as “∞” infinite loop symbolic modeling? Does Zaha Hadid’s use of infinite symbols only lie in the shape of the building or has a specific spiritual core and meaning? To understand this building, let’s first learn about Zaha Hadid, a maverick female architect (1950-march 31, 2016), the first female Pritzker award winner in history, and an international top architect with the reputation of “curve Queen” and “master of structuralism”, whose works are all over the world..

Where is the charm of the new online popularity punch in point? “∞” infinite circulation symbol modeling building recently, a horizontal “8” building has burst into a circle of friends and has become a new online Red punch point in Guangzhou.

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