Experimental center of Hebei Academy of Building Sciences – the first AA fabricated fair faced concrete construction project in Hebei

The site is evenly and orderly arranged.

The West and North facades are relatively full and full.

Modular design is carried out in combination with the technical characteristics of prefabricated building wall panels.

It is the first prefabricated fair faced concrete building in our province.

Civil air defense works shall be set on the first basement in combination with the laboratory.

The Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the northwest of the park.

The architectural shape is square and neat, and there are hidden changes in the rhythm, echoing the “passive house” in the south.

△ first floor plan △ second floor plan △ third floor plan △ fourth floor plan △ fifth floor plan △ sixth floor plan 04 elevation design the architectural design of exhibition center adopts the design style of modern architecture.

01 project overview the project of Hebei Construction Technology R & D base Convention and Exhibition Center is located in No.

It practices the green building concept of low-carbon and environmental protection to the greatest extent.

The single building faces south in the north.

The total construction area of the project is 9587.58 square meters, with 6 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground.

A laboratory is set locally on the west side of the exhibition hall, and the exhibition hall space is reserved on the east side, with an external entrance and exit.

The overall lateral space shape is “L” shape, high in the South and low in the north.

At the same time, the project won the first-class achievement of Hebei Engineering Survey and design project in 2021 issued by Hebei Engineering Survey and Design Consulting Association.

02 master plan the whole park of the project is located in the northeast of the Ecological New Area in the west of Shijiazhuang city.

It adopts the modeling treatment method of splicing and staggered joints, combines virtual and real, seeks unity in change, and shows the beauty of rhythm in unity.

A large space exhibition hall with a height of about 8m is built on the north side of the main building.

Spherical Head Anchor

A total of 218 prefabricated clean water wall panels are adopted, and floor glass windows are set between the wall panels.

The building adopts the combination of prefabricated construction technology and fair faced concrete technology.

The exterior and interior of the building are basically not decorated.

395 Huai’an Road, Shijiazhuang.

The southeast facade adopts floor glass curtain wall, which faces the landscape of the lake area.

A circular fire lane is set around the building, which is connected with the main road into a ring, which is not only well connected with the ring road, but also does not interfere with the main line.

It is also equipped with open office, equipment management room, training classroom, reserved exhibition hall, business reception room and other functional rooms.

△ the above ground part of the ground floor plan is mainly used for energy-saving room, maintenance room (environment), medicine room and other laboratories.

The laboratory in the main building is combined with training, and the north side is combined with the display space to organically combine the three functions of learning, production and display to form a complete set of space and behavior streamline.

The addition of perforated aluminum plates and other metal components makes the building vaguely contain the charm of a postmodern architectural industrial style, which fully reflects the perfect combination of modern architectural form and function..

At the same time, it is matched with fair faced concrete horizontal line foot and silver gray perforated sunshade aluminum plate, with simple and lively style.

Landscape green space is arranged on the north side of the exhibition hall.

The six storey main building is arranged in a “zigzag” shape in the South and close to the central lake landscape area in the southeast, Facing the core of the park, the main entrance and exit for external functions are set, and the internal entrance of the experimental area is set in the West.

Garage and civil air defense are set underground, and the laboratory The basement is connected with the original passive house in the south.

△ general layout 03 graphic design Convention and Exhibition Center has complex functions, integrating testing and experiment + office + teaching + exhibition hall.


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