You want me to draw 50 architectural drawings a day? Five minutes! [issue 1048]

Is the additional 187 PSD Atlas of ancient buildings great material? Come and collect it! Resource acquisition method ▼ long press QR code reply: 1048 long press QR code reply: 1048 long press QR code reply: 1048-.

Pay attention to HC material library today’s selection of Guochao architectural line draft brushes.

If there are too many line details, I don’t know where to start.

How to provide: Baidu online disk support software: PS & procreate format: ABR & brushset bonus: 187 PSD posters of ancient buildings.

I really want to draw more in-depth architectural illustrations.

Dry goods public account.

In addition to more practice, is there a better way? The answer is – yes! If you want to practice architectural illustration well, of course, you should start with the line draft, that is, the perspective relationship of the building before coloring, how to distinguish the primary and secondary lines, and how to draw these are the top priorities.

How to obtain: please check the bottom of the article.

Two Hole Anchor

Recently, many students who have just started illustration came to ask me how to practice the line draft well? Draw some simple paintings, grass and animals.

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