Xu MENGNAN, the “zero hero” in 2008, is now moving bricks at the construction site. He regrets it

He was poor and “hated” exam oriented education.

But he has a deeper understanding of the college entrance examination.

Thirteen years later, some netizens found that Xu MENGNAN was moving bricks at the construction site.

They expressed regret and warned other children not to learn from him and to study hard.

Therefore, he directly handed in a blank paper during the college entrance examination, and wrote on the paper: “my name is Xu MENGNAN, and my test number is…”, Successfully “manufactured” 0-point test paper.

Don’t blindly follow those so-called “idols” and think that others can do it yourself.

To this end, Xu MENGNAN also “proudly” told the media: “it’s not ability to get a full score in the exam.

In this society, not everyone is born equal.

In March 2018, Xu MENGNAN, 29, participated in the special session of classified enrollment examination for colleges and universities in Anhui Province and was admitted to a college.

In addition, he is no longer young.

He regrets that Xu MENGNAN is one of the famous “zero point heroes”.

In recent years, with the reform, the education system has become more and more perfect, especially more friendly to poor students.

Now and then, thirteen years later, his education has depreciated rapidly.

In 2012, Xu MENGNAN founded a website called “zero score students in the college entrance examination”, which tells the story of him and other “zero score heroes”, and calls on latecomers not to repeat his mistakes and not to leave a lifelong hatred for being quick.

Under the impact of reality, Xu MENGNAN became more and more aware of the importance of education.

When they were determined to be “zero point heroes”, they were all in high spirits and threatened that even if they scored zero in the college entrance examination, they could stand out without going to college, but in exchange for “impulsive punishment”, they basically paid a huge price and were rubbed on the ground by the reality.

As a result, she could only hit a wall everywhere.

His feat of that year also became a permanent pain in his heart.

At that time, he thought what a great feat he had done in the spotlight, but he was beaten in the face by reality as soon as he left the campus.

Because you are carrying a weight eight thousand miles away, and some people were born in Rome.

After returning to the examination room at the age of 29 and becoming a college student, Xu MENGNAN continued to travel around various construction sites and workshops and experienced a short marriage.

However, she did not have a father who works in the cultural publicity department as a writer.

I won’t excessively interfere with them and make them different from others.” a grain of ash in the times, falling on an individual, may be a mountain.

Xu MENGNAN became a “zero hero”, which once aroused thousands of waves and triggered social criticism of exam oriented education.

Xu MENGNAN, the “zero point hero” in 2008, is now moving bricks on the construction site.

If you can do every question correctly and get a final score of 0, it’s a cow.” he even wrote a novel to explain his educational philosophy.

Since the resumption of the college entrance examination, there have been many “zero point heroes” in China.

Because his education is not high, it doesn’t matter.

Therefore, she learned from her idol Han Han and deliberately blocked her way to higher education.

He was a candidate for Anhui college entrance examination in 2008.

Ringlock Scaffolding

At the end of 2017, he was determined to return to the examination room as a father.

“Studying hard in the cold window of ten years” has never been a happy thing to learn.

“Zero point heroes” such as Jiang Duoduo, Xu MENGNAN and Chen Shengzhang should be said to be more talented among their peers in those years, but their personal strength is insignificant in front of the rolling power of the tide of the times.

He can only do some manual labor with low technical content and low salary, assemble advertising boxes, manufacture manhole covers, and produce bathroom products…

A reporter asked Xu MENGNAN, “what kind of education are you going to let your two children receive?” Xu MENGNAN replied: “the children are still in kindergarten, probably according to the current education system.

He picked up the review materials of the college entrance examination again, worked during the day to earn money to support his family, and stayed up late at night to study hard, hoping to realize his self-worth through the college entrance examination, which he once despised.

Jiang Duoduo is talented in writing.

He has done dirty work and tired work, and tossed around many factories and workshops.

Although the examination oriented education and the college entrance examination system have such shortcomings and deficiencies, the poor children have the fairest chance to jump out of the agricultural door and change their fate.

Generally speaking, China’s education system has advantages and disadvantages, but it is the most fair, effective and direct way for poor children to change their lives.

I hope every student can take learning seriously, and don’t ruin his future and miss his whole life because of a temporary impulse…

He continues to do all kinds of dirty work.

Less than four years after the zero score, Xu MENGNAN realized his mistake.

The reality of society makes him gradually understand that his choice was wrong.

Therefore, many people choose to escape learning and even try to “revolutionize” China’s education system.

She could do what she liked without worry.

She once wrote a novel of more than 300000 words with 46 exercise books.

Otherwise, there is no possibility of turning over in the face of the huge resource gap.

Especially under China’s selective examination oriented education system, many students feel great pressure and are tired physically and mentally.

They believe that the college entrance examination is the product of the “old era”.

In order to express their dissatisfaction with the college entrance examination, they publicize their struggle against the “backward” system through an extreme way – zero point, and become the focus of public opinion.

Xu MENGNAN has not changed much because he was admitted to a college.


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