Training professional and technical talents — Department of construction machinery and equipment

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It can be divided into air conditioning equipment, rapid drainage sanitary equipment, fire protection facilities, other special equipment, etc.

To sign up, click sign up or sign up with the consulting teacher (teacher Bi: 15944314500)   Wechat synchronization) welcome parents to take students to sign up directly! Welcome school teachers to recommend students to sign up! Parents’ education concept is advanced, with an international vision, and give their children more competitiveness.

The employment prospect is very broad.

Let’s choose international education! Suwon University of Science   Address of China Representative Office: fangxingyuan, Pufang Road, Fengtai District, Beijing Office Tel: 86-010-67678282, 67678383 college cooperation: 139-1099-5596 (wechat synchronization) consultant: 159-4431-4500 (wechat synchronization)..

After graduation, you can work in various fields such as comprehensive construction units, equipment professional enterprises (design, construction, tab, supervision, etc.), equipment and facilities enterprises, various manufacturing equipment and machinery companies, civil servants, research institutes, clean rooms and so on.

Suwon University of Science – Department of construction machinery and equipment (2-year system), professional and technical personnel training for the future.

With the high-grade and large-scale of buildings and the introduction of green growth technology, the importance of building equipment engineering is growing, and the demand for professional and technical talents facing the future will increase greatly.

Building equipment in the field of fire protection is the technical field of building or industrial equipment to create or maintain a comfortable, hygienic and safe environment required for human and industrial engineering process.


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