[Ximeng Recruitment] Yunnan Rongwei Construction Labor Subcontracting Co., Ltd

Have strong communication skills and professionalism.

Proficiency in GPS and total station operation; 4.

Qualifications: 1.

South CASS and AUTOCAD are skilled in operation; Daoheng is skilled in software; 5.

Lifting Eye

Working time: Contact person: Working address 1: People’s Government of Xinchang Town, Ximeng, Pu’er, Yunnan.

Have experience in project site management and technical guidance, be able to analyze and deal with operational technical problems, and guide the operation of operators; 6.

College degree or above, graduated from engineering survey, aerial survey, geographic information and other related majors; 2.

Guide and supervise the construction process of the project; 3.

Accurately analyze or predict relevant problems during the project construction and later operation; 4.

More than 2 years of engineering construction experience in relevant industries; 3.

According to the construction plan of the project, organize and carry out route, aerial survey and other aspects of survey; 2.

Organize site construction according to the design scheme and put forward corresponding improvement suggestions.

Resume registration and free recruitment of Yunnan Rongwei Construction Labor Subcontracting Co., Ltd.

Enterprise introduction The company needs to recruit a large number of construction technicians, surveyors and documenters for surveying and mapping/survey Recruitment number: number of people unlimited salary: interview job responsibilities: 1.


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