Wuhan lawyer shot and killed: suspect suspected retaliation for losing the lawsuit over construction subcontracting dispute

The doctors involved in the rescue said that Xue’s right face was damaged, and there was a hole with a diameter of 10 cm in the bridge of his nose.

After Lei got on the car, she put a gun against her husband, and then drove away.

He is also a core member of the law firm and has strong professional ability.

  ━━━━━━ dull gun sound   At about 10 a.m.

Duty editor   The novel coronavirus campus Belle entered the “national real-time coronavirus infection pneumonia real-time map”.

A male lawyer was attacked in the legal rights protection center opposite the Hongshan District People’s court.

  According to the Beijing News “our video” report, Xue had no vital signs when he was sent to the hospital.

“When he was a freshman, he was a particularly typical northerner with a forthright character.”.

57-60 civil ruling shows that on May 20, 2020, Zhang Mou Wu, Zhang Mou Jin, Li Mou and Han Mou Si applied to Wuhan Hongshan District People’s court for pre litigation property preservation, requesting to seal up and freeze the bank deposits or other equivalent properties under the name of a Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

In his impression, Xue is tall, looks sunny and likes playing basketball.

The public security organ quickly pursued and arrested Lei (male, 47 years old, from Wuhan) at 11:50.

Soon, the driver abandoned the car from the front door and ran away.

It needs to be further dissected and identified by forensic medicine.

The lawyer described that Lei’s gun was suspected to be an earth gun.

He saw Lei pull open a BMW parked on the roadside.

After hearing that Xue was attacked, he felt incredible.

  It is reported that Lei was born in 1975 and is a shareholder of a construction engineering company in Wuhan.

▲ wife of the owner robbed in Wuhan injury case: the suspect pointed a gun at her husband and robbed the car.

Chen Shaoqiu remembers that a year or two ago, Xue invited Chen Shaoqiu to his wedding, but he couldn’t attend the appointment because he wasn’t in Wuhan.

  The public security branch of Donghu high tech Zone issued a police report saying that at about 10 a.m.

Zhang mouwu and other four people took Lei and his company to court four times in 2020 due to disputes over construction project subcontracting contracts.

“He is a very enthusiastic person.”   Chen Shaoqiu, another classmate of Xue, said that Xue was very low-key when studying.

Chen Shaoqiu said that at present, many students have learned about it, and teachers and students in Wuhan are helping to deal with the aftermath.

The doctor told him that after the reporter’s investigation, “driving school can spend money on the card,” and found that the driver’s staff sitting on the transport station’s work table did not listen to the advice, and the work was more than half..

  Surveillance images on the road captured that Lei came out of the crime scene with a stick covered with a bag of suspected tennis racket cover.

After preliminary investigation, Lei explained that he was dissatisfied with Xue due to the dispute, so he committed the murder.

  According to the “we video” report of the Beijing News, the wife of the above BMW owner said that her husband was going shopping, so she parked the car on the roadside.

  By combing the open documents of the referee’s official documents, Xue lawyer and the suspect Lei Mou had been intersect in four civil cases in 2020, and four cases were all disputes in the subcontracting of construction projects, which were heard by the people’s Court of Hongshan district.

  (2020) e 0111 Cai Bao No.

The suspect is a legal representative of a construction company in Wuhan, and is also the respondent in four cases.

  Wuhan Lawyer Wang Shu (pseudonym) is Xue’s college classmate.

  According to the aforementioned colleagues, Xue is a very responsible lawyer with a strong sense of justice.

in Wuhan and Lei Mou, with an application amount of 403000 yuan and 216000 yuan, 212000 yuan and 427000 yuan, totaling 1258000 yuan.

After hearing, the court held that the application of the four persons met the relevant legal provisions and agreed to the application amount of the four persons.

The full text is 1924 words, and it takes about 4 minutes to read   Beijing News reporter   Li Zhao   trainee   Han Meng   Guo Lili   edit   Yuan Guoli   Proofreading   Scene video of Jia Ning ▲ Wuhan lawyer’s murder case: the suspect walked to the roadside with a gun and intercepted a passing car several times.

At present, the trial results of these four cases have not been published on the judgment document network.

Scaffolding Clamp Swivel Type

The Wuhan lawyer’s victim was using a firearm to make a self made soil gun.

The live video from the Internet showed that police cars and emergency vehicles arrived and carried a man with a bloody face out of the center on a stretcher.

  After the court hearing, because Lei failed to perform the payment obligations determined by the effective legal instruments within the period specified in the enforcement notice, he was restricted from high consumption twice on November 19, 2020 and May 7, 2021.

According to witnesses at the scene, the suspect robbed a BMW and fled the scene.

“I always thought it was a duplicate name.” then he lost control and cried on the phone.

A man entered a unit on Hsinchu Road, injured the staff member Xue and escaped.

The cause of death was determined as shooting injury, which touched the brain.

According to the official website of Wuhan Lawyers Association, he practiced in 2017 and his business expertise is criminal, civil and commercial affairs.

In the tachograph of the second vehicle, Lei had the action of raising his gun and aiming.

Beijing News our video product (ID: webvideo) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━   According to a “case report” of Xue’s law firm, the suspect was dissatisfied with the forced auction of his real estate by the court in a civil case, so he escaped after drinking and wounding people with a gun.

Beijing News our video product (ID: webvideo) on the morning of September 13, a shooting case occurred near Xinzhu Road, Donghu high tech Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Its real estate, movable property and bank deposits are sealed up and frozen for three years, two years and one year respectively.

  According to Red Star News, a lawyer at the scene of the crime said that the place of the crime was an office of Hubei Gaozhao law firm, and several colleagues were at the scene.

Immediately, the police set up a cordon near the incident.

After coming to Wuhan to study at University, he stayed in the local work.

Lei then drove away.

  It is understood that the bullet is still in the wound and cannot be taken out temporarily.

It is reported that Lei was born in 1975 and is a shareholder of a construction engineering company in Wuhan.

  A witness told the Beijing news that he was not far from the neighborhood when the incident happened.

Xue lawyer, who was killed in this shooting case, is one of the four cases of the case.

After walking into the street, Lei came to the street and raised his gun to stop the car, but the first two cars didn’t stop.

on September 13, a dull gunshot suddenly came from the legal rights protection center opposite the Hongshan District People’s court.

According to his memory, Lei went straight into the legal rights protection center and drew his gun without saying a word.

A lawyer of the law firm confirmed that the “case report” was indeed from Gaozhao law firm.

He didn’t like to participate in student organizations and focused on his studies.

The case is under further investigation.

on September 13, an injury case occurred on Hsinchu road under its jurisdiction.

  Wang Shu told the Beijing news that Xue is from Gansu.

  ━━━━━━━ the victim has practised for four years   Public information shows that the victim Xue is a lawyer of Hubei Gaozhao law firm, 30 years old.

At present, the injured died after being sent to hospital for treatment.


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