Wuhan City Affairs: The collection of architectural design plans for Wuhan Opera Art Center will be launched soon

Source: Wuhan is a public regulation, and the WeChat official account Zhongbei Road EM is a personal account, hoping to record Wuhan as truly as possible.

The main buildings should be encouraged to adopt simple and atmospheric Chinese style or new Chinese style.

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(2) Parking demand: 235 existing public parking spaces need to be built, including 15 bus parking spaces.

Specifically, it includes one 800-seat theater, three 350-seat theatres, one 300-seat experimental theater, and one exhibition hall of intangible cultural heritage of opera.

Overall positioning: Wuhan Opera Art Center will be built into a world-class, professional and multi-functional cultural service center and leisure experience center, create a new landmark of culture and art, and revitalize the “big dock” of Wuhan opera.

The architectural scheme should highlight the landmark, theme and local characteristics, and integrate and coordinate with the existing buildings in the area.

It mainly provides performance, rehearsal, exhibition and performance office and auxiliary rooms for Beijing, Han and Chu troupes, and is compatible with the needs of other types of performances, ticket rehearsals, etc.

Allocated parking spaces shall be calculated according to relevant standards.

The design should not only focus on the performance functions of local operas, but also be compatible with the performance functions of other types of operas; We should not only focus on professional functions such as art production, opera performance and talent training, but also innovate and expand universal service functions such as academic exchange, cultural exhibition and tourism experience.

The collection of architectural design plans for Wuhan Opera Art Center is about to start, and the official collection announcement is expected to be released in late February.

See the assignment for other functions and scale requirements.

Functional requirements (1) The above-ground building area is about 45000 square meters.




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