23 years of Baidu online disk group (postgraduate entrance examination, public entrance examination, architecture, finance, teaching

The network disk file library is automatically updated when you use it.

It doesn’t take up your personal network disk space at all.

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After the member is opened, You can get the latest data directly from the cloud group on the network disk.

01 Public examination (the latest in 23 years), national examination, provincial examination, public institutions, selection and transfer of students, recruitment of public security auxiliary police, military civilian, three support and one support, community workers, secretaries, bank recruitment, recruitment of major state-owned enterprises, written examination interview, etc.

02 Postgraduate Entrance Examination (latest in 24 years) Politics, English 1/2, Mathematics 1/2/3, Comprehensive Western Medicine, Master of Law, Joint Examination of Management 199, Joint Examination of Economics 396, Education 311, Education 333, Master of Translation MIT, Psychology 312, Psychology 347, Economics 801, Computer 408, Finance 431, History 313, Oral Synthesis 325, Pharmaceutical Synthesis 349, Applied Statistics 432, Nursing Synthesis 308, News and Communication, Chinese International Education, Introduction to art, Chinese and foreign art history, Chinese medicine synthesis, management, etc.


The same resource, which is updated many times, is updated in real time, and is increased irregularly.

03 Class I constructor, Class II constructor, consulting engineer, real estate engineer, supervision engineer, cost engineer, safety engineer, fire engineer, etc.

The free access network disk group data can be used for self-study, or sold to the outside.

09 Paid online classes, all kinds of cloud classes, 10 other exam classes, such as junior high school entrance examination, XRS, tour guide certificate, self-taught examination, college entrance examination, social worker, human resource management, public dietitian, health manager, BIM examination, etc.

in construction class (the latest in 23 years), 04 teacher qualification certificate in teacher class (the latest in 23 years), teacher recruitment 05 accounting class (the latest in 23 years) junior accountant, certified public accountant, intermediate accountant, tax agent, auditor, Social workers 06 language classes (the latest in 23 years) CET-4, CET-4, CET-4, TEM8, BEC, IELTS, TOEFL, public grade 3, wild word class, phonetic class, reading class, small languages of various countries, computer level 2, etc., 07 judicial examination class (the latest in 23 years) socialist rule of law theory with Chinese characteristics, jurisprudence, constitution, Chinese legal history, international law, judicial system and legal professional ethics, criminal law, criminal procedure law, administrative law and administrative procedure law Civil law, intellectual property law, commercial law, economic law, environmental and resource law, labor and social security law, private international law, international economic law, civil procedure law (including arbitration system), etc.

After joining the member, you can enjoy all resources and free access; At the same time of using your own resource pool, you can also sell it to others; Add a PlanB to yourself, and the sideline has become a necessity! Become a member and subscribe by scanning the following QR code.

All resources are continuously updated! After becoming a member, all resources will be provided in the exclusive member cloud group.



Yunshui Zen Knowledge Online Course strictly selects the essence of various knowledge payment platforms, leaving the most useful essence to our members.

Members include all the following courses, 500T online disk group, and resources are increasing every day.

Strict selection of resources, only making high-quality products.

08 Medical category (latest in 23 years): Chinese pharmacist in charge, physician in charge, nurse in charge, Chinese (Western) medicine practitioner, Chinese (Western) medicine assistant physician, licensed pharmacist nurse, general physician in charge of surgical internal medicine, clinician, oral attending physician, oral assistant physician, oral licensed physician, clinical laboratory technician (doctor), junior Chinese pharmacist (doctor), junior pharmacist (doctor), public health licensed assistant physician, gynecology and obstetrics pediatric attending physician, etc.


The resources shared by many platforms are disorderly, and the resources that can make do with it will be lost to you.

You don’t need to worry about the link’s frequent failure.

During the membership period, you can enjoy all resources of the platform unconditionally.

We carefully search and sort out high-quality resources, strictly check the timeliness and advantages and disadvantages of resources, clearly classify resources, and only select the most exquisite resources for you.


All the resources of the member’s exclusive network disk group are saved in the network disk group resources, which are safe and permanent.

You can watch videos online and no longer need to worry about the network disk memory explosion.


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