Wood water style (30) ▎ hall architecture of Suzhou folk houses

Hall buildings are not only residential buildings, leisure buildings, but also ornamental buildings.

Due to the drooping flower basket, it is called the flower basket hall, such as the flower basket Hall of Wanzhai, No.

The architectural modeling of the hall is beautiful.

The cornice layers of eaves are beautiful and light; The architectural shape of the hall is beautiful.

The composition of ice crack and plum blossom symbolizes “cold window of ten years” and “plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold”.

These patterns often use hieroglyphic, homophonic, metonymy, analogy and other techniques to create rich and colorful decorative shapes to repose people’s yearning and pursuit for happiness, beauty, wealth and auspiciousness.

Five bats spread their wings around flat peaches in the clouds, implying five blessings and longevity, and cranes fly on auspicious clouds, implying longevity, Bat sweet scented osmanthus symbolizes blessing and noble son, like a treasure bottle, it symbolizes peace, the happy spider falls from top to bottom, it means happiness from heaven, and the three yuan treasures mean three yuan in a row.

5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, nanshizi street.

Rich and fine decoration hall buildings are decorated with wood frame decoration, door and window decoration, interior decoration, hanging decoration, brick fine decoration, etc.

The part of the reduced column is hung with flower basket shaped carvings, which not only beautifies the interior, but also expands the space.

The buildings with porch are called building halls, such as the hall of Pan Zuyin’s former residence (control building No.

130); The front and back of the hall are divided into two symmetrical parts, forming a double-sided hall, which is called the mandarin duck hall.

The flower basket hall, mandarin duck hall and tribute hall in the courtyard often use cucumber ring ridge.

The beauty lies in that the roof slope is curved.

7, Wang xianma lane; The girder, mountain boundary beam and moon beam of the hall beam frame are made into concave convex —- —- shape, making the beam frame light and strong.

In the beauty, a bird shrinking eaves is added between the floors.

176 Taohuawu street; The central bend of the roof is like a rolling shed, which is similar to a black shed ship.

068), No.

The beauty lies in the eaves corridor of the hall.

The water berm ridge on the top of the ship hall and four side hall is even more beautiful; The architectural shape of the hall is beautiful.

The beauty lies in the variety of roof ridges.

For example, “plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum” are the four gentlemen of flowers.

The winter hall is in the South and the summer hall is in the north, such as the mandarin duck Hall of Ji residence, No.

A whole row of long windows and short windows are set on the front and rear eaves walls, and there are all kinds of scenery windows on the gable.

Due to different beam frame posts, they are combined into a variety of hall categories.

On the top of the beam frame, there are mountain fog clouds carved with cranes and auspicious clouds and cloud flower plates holding beams; The bottom of the beam frame is decorated with solid arch, beam pad, bee head, wood and so on; The long and short windows of the hall are generally composed of upper Jiatang, Xinzi, middle Jiatang, skirt and lower Jiatang.

The hanging down sill is on the outer eaves, with long windows and short windows on the inner eaves.

Due to the limitation of the construction system of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the beautiful hall building is no more than three rooms wide and generally small.

These decoration forms are diverse, with fine carving and profound meaning.

25, xibaihua Lane; There is a porch under the pasted floor of the building.

The first layer of cloud head carries a zither truss, and a zither truss is added to the eaves.

It is concave and convex in front and back.

The bird shrinking eaves are supported by a curved crane neck.

The pattern composed of badger and magpie means “happy heaven and earth”.

According to different forms of wooden frames, hall buildings are called flat work hall, garden hall, boat hall, flower basket hall, mandarin duck hall, tribute hall, four side hall, building hall, etc; Hall buildings are called entrance hall, car hall, hall, women’s hall, flower hall, book Hall, control hall, etc.

It is different from the general straight inclined roof.

Fresh and elegant color the color of the hall building is fresh and elegant, pure, bright and fast.

The entrance hall, sedan chair hall, hall and building hall are generally built in the front part of the ancient folk house, which is the living place of the house owner, while the landscape buildings such as boat hall, flower basket hall, mandarin duck hall, tribute hall, four side hall and control hall are generally built in the side courtyard, which is a place for leisure, reading, receiving visitors and viewing.

Various shapes of windows, various flower decorations on the panes, and a whole row of transparent mica and glass integrate the internal and external space of the hall; The architectural shape of the hall is beautiful.

Complete function refers to the function that can be achieved by the technical level in the Ming and Qing Dynasties..

Peony and Magnolia patterns are used to express elegance and wealth, bats and longevity words are used to imply “happiness and longevity”, and the four treasures of study “Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting” are used to express their high hopes for their children and grandchildren.

002) at No.

The common carving patterns in these halls symbolize good luck, wealth, yearning and prayer, all of which place hope on the prosperity of the house and pass it on from generation to generation.

It gradually increases the roof height from the cornice to the ridge, that is, it increases the roof stack, making the roof parabolic, light and soft; The architectural shape of the hall is beautiful.

The second layer of zither truss is built with eaves rafters, and then flying rafters are carried out on the eaves rafters.

The third layer is the cornice head.

The ancestors built it into a hall with beautiful shape and small volume.

The beauty lies in the cornice layers.

The spine of the mandarin duck hall falls to the ground.

The hall building has the architectural characteristics of habitability, taste, appreciation and tourism.

37, madali lane; Two step columns (or two eaves columns) are subtracted from the beam frame of the ordinary hall.

With the pink wall as the keynote, the gray roof, dark red beam frame, chestnut shell doors and windows, spiral green square brick ground, yellowish brown slate patio and dark green moss feet form a colorful and simple tone.

It is called a ship hall, such as the ship Hall of square house 33, Niujia Lane (control and protection building No.

Different types of halls use different roof ridges.

Xinzi has a variety of flower decorations, including palace style, sunflower style, book bar style, well shaped inlaid style, palindrome Wanzi style, hexagonal panoramic style, cross landscape style, Begonia Lingjiao style, Ruyi Linghua style, ice crack random style, flower knot inlaid glass style, etc; The interior decoration of the hall is also rich and colorful, including flying cover, ground cover and various wooden railings; The floor is paved with square bricks; Some hall walls are protected with thin brick walls.

The hall made of round materials is called round hall, such as the hall of Deng residence (control and protection building No.

34, cangqiaobang; Those made of flat square materials are called flat hall, such as the hall of Fei house (control and protection building No.

016) at No.

With the change of sunlight and the intensity of sunlight, the trees and lakes are projected on the white wall, creating countless changing pictures, just like mountains, rivers and flowers drawn on white paper.

Suzhou hall building has beautiful shapes, diverse beams, fine decoration, elegant colors and complete functions.

This kind of hall is called tribute hall, such as the tribute hall in the courtyard of Wang Huaixin Yizhuang (control building No.

Ruyi is inserted in the vase, implying “peace and Ruyi”.

There are more meaningful and varied carving patterns on the skirt clip halls of beams, flying covers, floor covers, railings and doors and windows.

These cracks and mottled have created a rich and three-dimensional, simple and elegant natural picture.

Wood and water style: architectural heritage protection and cultural wood and water grid: the architecture and heritage engineering domain: wooden water grid theory: architectural heritage protection and utilization point of view: the Suzhou Housing Authority research group hall building is the main building of Suzhou ancient people’s residence, is also the courtyard’s landscape architecture, is the essence of Suzhou’s ancient residential architecture.

Lace tiles and drip tiles engraved with patterns are added on the tile plate of the cornice head.

The patterns of these four gentlemen are often used in the hall to borrow their noble family status and extraordinary speech and behavior.

On the step edge stone, there is a brick thin sill between the corridor columns.

However, there are small advantages.

according to their location and use function.

A variety of beam frame combinations hall buildings have a variety of beam frame combinations, which are rich and colorful.

Compared with each other, the facade of the hall is extremely rich.

091) at No.

Flat End Socket

The roof ridges of large and medium-sized halls often feed chicken ridge.

The roof ridges of small halls include sugarcane ridge and tattooed head ridge.

The pink walls of the Centennial Hall have become cracked, watered and mottled due to wind and rain erosion and weathering over the years.

There are two small roofs under the big roof, separated by a screen in the middle.

The pink wall not only has a color contrast with the Dai gray roof and chestnut shell doors and windows, but also can set off the Shizhu bushes and trees and vines in the lake in front of the hall.

The bird shrinking eaves cover the doors and windows of the lower layer, such as a lightweight canopy; The architectural modeling of the hall is beautiful.

It is an example of hall architecture in the south of the Yangtze River.

The wooden frame often adopts the techniques of digging the bottom, pulling the sea or peeling the gills to make the beam frame beautiful.

The corridor brace of the eaves corridor is equipped with Wanchuan and ice crack hanging down.

The laughing harmony and two immortals mean harmony and good harmony.


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