Concerning prefabricated buildings, these two guidelines are released!

The components in this guide are applicable to prefabricated concrete structure houses, which can be selected according to the following table.

The guide for dimensions of main components of prefabricated concrete structure residence is formulated to promote the industrialized construction of prefabricated concrete structure residence, improve the standardized application level of precast concrete components, improve production and construction efficiency, and save project construction cost.

Guide for dimensions of main components of residential fabricated decoration this guide is applicable to the fabricated decoration of new and existing residential buildings.

The purpose of this guide is to standardize the priority dimensions of assembled decoration parts, promote the systematic coordination of standardized parts by market players such as development, design, production, construction, operation and maintenance, break down the barriers among construction units, design units, parts and components production enterprises and construction units, improve the universality and interchangeability of parts and components, and guide the standardized production, maintenance and operation of parts and components Reduce on-site installation and cutting, reduce material waste, reduce dust pollution, reduce construction waste and improve assembly rate.

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The main contents include the priority dimensions of components and their interfaces, such as fabricated partition wall and wall system, fabricated floor system, fabricated top surface system, doors and windows, integrated kitchen, fabricated toilet, overall storage, etc.

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In order to implement the guidance on vigorously developing prefabricated buildings issued by the general office of the State Council and build a standardized design and production system for prefabricated buildings, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has organized the preparation of the guide to the dimensions of main components of prefabricated concrete structure houses and the guide to the dimensions of main components of residential prefabricated decoration, which are hereby issued.


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