Wonderful review of the seminar | application and solutions of polyurethane in green and energy-saving buildings

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In practical cases, it can eliminate neighborhood complaints and improve the quality of life.

Application status and market prospect of polyurethane rigid foam.

If the country does not modify the polyurethane flame retardant grade, it is impossible to promote polyurethane rigid foam in housing? 3.

What is the sample size for large-scale fire resistance test? Do you want to actually build a house? For more expert interpretation and wonderful content, please watch the video playback.

The effective application of rigid polyurethane environment-friendly rigid polyurethane foam in green energy efficient buildings: energy saving in the green energy saving building: under the combined influence factors and local policy subsidies, the wall insulation and assembly integrated application technology is respected as the sandwich structure and composite material for residential and public building roof insulation, exterior window insulation, floor insulation and sound insulation.

This interfoam online seminar invites well-known enterprises in the industry to explain to us the new technologies, new products and new cases of polyurethane in green buildings.

Does this have anything to do with the foaming agent? 6.

Excuse me, how different is the pressure of the base course with different polyurethane thickness? 8.

The requirements of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, fabricated and industrialized buildings have brought new technical requirements and market trends.

Further explore the promotion and connection between animal husbandry, aquaculture and other fields, application focus issues, audience interaction? Quality 1.


Spraying polyurethane, as one of the most characteristic industrial construction methods of polyurethane, the development trend and growth potential in China 3.

What are the advantages of polyurethane in energy-saving buildings and the fields that need to be further developed.

The impact and Enlightenment of building energy conservation on the market.

It doesn’t foam below 5 and 15 ℃.

Polyurethane rigid foam, whether spraying or plate, has a positive contribution to promoting neighborhood harmony, improving the quality of living environment and promoting carbon emission reduction.

At present, there are many applications of PIR system in soft surface continuous polyurethane board for external wall insulation? What is the design institute’s perception of PIR? 7.

Crown Foot Anchor

Is there any application prospect of hard foam in Homestead transformation? 2.

How about base course bonding after adding supercritical CO2? The adhesion of Japanese Achilles spray is obviously worse…

It is a new practical material with great prospects in the process of industrialization.

Polyurethane has been cultivated for a long time in many industrialized markets such as automobiles and household appliances, but it is still in the ascendant in the field of construction.

In the field of hard polyurethane value related industry, Jiang Tao Tao, Gu Zhihong, Xiang Ming, Hua Xu, Xu Ying market area 1, is there any new industry changes in the rigid polyurethane foam industry under the increasingly stringent requirements of energy saving regulations and fire regulations? Is there a lower thermal conductivity product? More PIR products? How to evaluate the impact of industry changes on product requirements and material requirements.

Is it possible for the polyurethane industry to work together to promote the revision of flame retardant standards? Let polyurethane really serve our building energy-saving field and make our life better…


How to solve the cracking problem of fine stone concrete on rigid foam polyurethane floor insulation? 9, does polyurethane foam have energy buffering and different thickness? 10.

How to balance the value of PIR / pur fire protection and thermal insulation? 2.

Environmental protection makes buildings more environmentally friendly: polyurethane floor insulation and sound insulation solutions.

The sample size of SBI is about 1 * 1.5m.

Compared with all kinds of thermal insulation materials, the new polyurethane rigid 0E314F foam technology and sheet materials have overall cost, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and health, and PPT Flame retardant and fire prevention have obvious advantages and contribute to the consumption reduction of the whole society.

The application of polyurethane rigid polyurethane foam in ultra-low energy building envelope is summarized.

The elimination progress of hard foam traditional foaming agent and the trend of new technology (CO2 \ pentane \ all water, etc.) 4.


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