Why is steel structure prefabricated building the best form of green building?

Reduce the dependence on labor and high degree of mechanization.

Its plasticity and toughness can be used..

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With the increasing improvement of domestic steel structure technical regulations, complete design software and accurate component size, etc; Steel structure members have strong universality and interchangeability, which creates extremely favorable conditions for assembly construction, so as to reduce the dependence on labor and realize the mechanization of construction.

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Compared with traditional concrete buildings, the labor volume of prefabricated buildings in reinforcement binding and formwork support at the construction site is significantly reduced, A large number of prefabricated components on site are constructed by dry method, which greatly reduces the on-site operation, greatly improves the construction efficiency, and shortens the completion time.

Nowadays, under the advocacy of carbon peak and carbon neutralization policies, steel structure buildings are valued again, and even regarded by domestic experts as the “best form of green building” to reduce the labor volume, so as to shorten the project cycle.

It is not only suitable for housing, residential and commercial buildings, but also for public facilities infrastructure construction.

First, the carbon emission of steel structure can be greatly reduced during construction; Secondly, when buildings are demolished, most of the building materials can be recycled and reused, and the waste generated in the construction process is also greatly reduced, so as to reduce the pollution to land and groundwater sources.

Around 2008, driven by the Beijing Olympic Games, there was an upsurge of steel structure construction in China, the demand for steel structure increased significantly, and a large number of steel structure venues, airports, stations and high-rise buildings rose one after another.

Energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection.

It has a wide range of applications and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

With light weight, high strength and good plasticity, the steel structure is lighter than the traditional concrete, so it is more suitable for transportation and installation; However, the steel structure has high strength and is suitable for structures with large span, high height and heavy load; At the same time, the steel structure has good toughness, strong material reliability and strong seismic resistance, and can resist earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters.


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