Guangxi holds college students’ prefabricated construction competition to accelerate filling the talent gap in the industry

The advantages of green, energy saving and environmental protection make them accepted by more and more enterprises,” fan Huafang said.

“Prefabricated architecture is our key specialty.

“To reduce the cost of prefabricated buildings, the most important two points are the proportion of prefabricated components in the total components and the efficiency of assembly and installation.

“Traditional building construction often uses on-site construction to test workers’ skills such as formwork erection and pouring, while prefabricated buildings use industrialized production to test technicians’ ability of design, hoisting and splicing.

In 2020, the “Liuzhou digital (BIM) prefabricated construction industry college” jointly built by Liuzhou City Vocational College and enterprises has begun to recruit students and train talents for enterprises in an order form.

There are obvious differences in technical requirements between the two.

At present, there are more than 300 students.

Prefabricated building is a new generation of building technology, which has obvious advantages in cost, construction speed and environmental protection.

With the addition of more professionals, it will further promote the industrialization and intelligent development of prefabricated buildings and contribute to “carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization”.

In order to meet the talent needs of enterprises, major universities have set up the specialty of prefabricated architecture.

The holding of the trial competition can cultivate more professional application-oriented talents for the development of prefabricated buildings.

“Prefabricated buildings are produced in factories to avoid dust and noise pollution in traditional construction sites.

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Students can be employed after graduation according to the special requirements of enterprises.” Liu Hongbo, vice president of Liuzhou City Vocational College, said.

At present, prefabricated buildings have been widely used in bridges, municipal and other building categories, and the application proportion in the field of housing construction is also increasing.

In recent years, several prefabricated construction industrial parks in Guangxi have been put into use, and there is a strong demand for talents.

Liuzhou, Nov.

Based on the development needs of prefabricated buildings, this trial set up two events: component deepening design, component manufacturing and installation.

The holding of the competition will further improve the skill level of students’ prefabricated architecture, cultivate students’ innovative thinking, and achieve the purpose of promoting learning, training and construction through competition.

A total of 74 contestants from 19 colleges and universities in Guangxi participated, which was the largest number of participating colleges and universities.

The scale and production capacity of Guangxi Liuzhou prefabricated building modern industrial park, which was built in 2017, has ranked in the forefront of Guangxi and even southwest China.

5 (Wang Yizhao) on November 5, the Guangxi trial of the fourth national prefabricated construction vocational skills competition (student group) was held in Liuzhou City Vocational College.

The two events of the competition correspond to the needs of enterprises,” fan Huafang said.

Industries and enterprises are trying to cultivate prefabricated construction talents through vocational training and order classes in Colleges and universities.” Fan Huafang, Secretary General of Liuzhou prefabricated construction industry association.



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