Why are super high-rise buildings becoming unpopular

Its ASEAN business district is full of tall buildings, one higher than the other.

Guangxi China Resources Building comes from Baidu Encyclopedia.

From Jones Lang LaSalle, in this case, how can the super high-rise be required not to be vacant? In other words, building a large number of super high-rise buildings is a waste.

In areas with concentrated population, it is difficult to expand outward, and it should be more convenient to expand upward or downward.

Super high-rise buildings have certain requirements for land carrying capacity and fire fighting capacity.

It is famous that Changsha, Hunan, wanted to build the world’s tallest building “sky city” with a height of about 838 meters in 2012.

The famous is Greenland.

At that time, people asked, “why is it so high?” “will there be fire risk?” we all know that the height of the ladder is limited, and the fire control of super high-rise buildings is very difficult.

And the more up, it can raise the skyline of the city and make the city look more beautiful.

Now there is no such building anyway, and it has been shelved indefinitely, which is very embarrassing.

From Baidu Encyclopedia, generally speaking, the strength of real estate enterprises building super high-rise buildings is relatively strong.

In this case, these super high-rise buildings in Nanning have sprung up one after another.

No matter in the first tier cities, there are more and more high-rise buildings in the second and third tier cities, as if competing for more skyscrapers.

Take several super high-rise buildings in Shanghai gold area, the vacancy rate is very high.

However, in fact, most cities do not need so high buildings.

In the process of rapid regional development, the faster urbanization and the more active economy, the more crowd aggregation effect, industries also need to gather, and the demand for high-rise buildings is relatively strong.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s data, the vacancy rate of office buildings in Shanghai has reached an amazing 20.7%, and is rising year by year.

According to the statistics of CTBUH global high-rise building database, in 2020, 11 of the top 20 cities with the largest number of buildings above 100 meters are from our country.

If there is a problem with fire separation, they will be like chimneys after a fire.

This is really terrible, and what’s more terrible is that the speed of smoke in the vertical direction is many times faster than that in the horizontal direction, which makes it difficult to escape.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s analysis, the head city has developed into a mature period in terms of office buildings, and has completed the construction of more than 80% of the required office building supply.

Moreover, in the early development of super high-rise buildings, the main purpose is to concentrate all upstream and downstream companies in one building, facilitate production and maximize output value.

At that time, the output value of these skyscrapers was very high, so their number often symbolized the economic development of the city, and the publicity would often say how much contribution these skyscrapers made.

They think of it one by one and announce the construction of super high-rise buildings.

On the one hand, it puts forward restrictions on super high-rise buildings: cities with a permanent resident population of less than 3 million in the urban area strictly restrict the construction of super high-rise buildings of more than 150 meters and are not allowed to build super high-rise buildings of more than 250 meters; Cities with a permanent resident population of more than 3 million in the urban area shall strictly restrict the construction of super high-rise buildings of more than 250 meters and shall not build super high-rise buildings of more than 500 meters.

02 when the city develops to a certain stage, it is no longer applicable to super high-rise buildings.

Think about it, do you still need to build so many super high-rise buildings? Especially according to the analysis of Jones Lang LaSalle, relying on the developed tertiary industry, the first tier cities have a little surplus, but there is surplus in line 1.5, line 2 and line 3.

Moreover, according to Xinhuanet, high-rise buildings have a large number of deep stairwells and elevator shafts.

This is still the most economically developed area in Shanghai, where industries have been dissatisfied, not to mention less and underdeveloped cities with few other industries.

This is not nonsense.

As a result, the technology does not meet the standards in the construction process, resulting in the uncompleted tail, or the project can not be started at all, or the maintenance is difficult and will not be maintained after completion.

The overview map from Baidu Encyclopedia made a great deal of noise from 2012 to 2013.

Halfen Channel

In addition to more than 20, there are also many cities in China.

Vanke and China Resources also prefer super high-rise buildings.

The extensive construction of office buildings from Jones Lang LaSalle, especially super high-rise buildings, is no longer applicable.

They often build a large number of super high-rise buildings at the beginning of the new area, and constantly refresh the city’s skyline, hoping to play a positive role.

For example, many cities are constantly competing for the height of their super high-rise, trying to be the first in the region and the top in the country.

The construction is complex, the cost is high, and there are hidden dangers in fire fighting.

However, according to a report by an economics professor at Rutgers University, it is still considered that the number of layers is too high to limit waste.

In fact, there are reasons for this.

Therefore, the construction cost of super high-rise buildings is very high.

In the future, blind construction and extensive development may trigger the risk of oversupply.

Since last year, the state began to strictly restrict super high-rise buildings.

This super high-rise building is really not applicable..

For super high-rise buildings, there was an industrial agglomeration effect in the past.

In addition to dissatisfaction with industrial decoration and high vacancy rate, there is another problem in the super high-rise, that is, the construction process is difficult and the cost is high.

Unexpectedly, the super high-rise buildings that have been respected all over the world will be limited? Could it be that one day these skyscrapers on the ground will become history? Once upon a time, the development of some cities especially depended on super high-rise buildings, that is, all kinds of skyscrapers we often see everywhere.

Now what we need is fine operation and make good use of the original office buildings.

The taste of the people’s network changed a little later.

The “high fever” of skyscrapers finally began to subside.

Especially these super high-rise buildings can improve the utilization rate of land.

Recently, on September 10, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued a public draft for comments on super high-rise buildings.

This data, on the one hand, represents China’s rich experience in building super high-rise buildings, on the other hand, it also represents that China’s cities are really keen on building super high-rise buildings.

In 2017, even the media reported that the Shanghai center only rented 60%.

Some screenshots of CTBUH show that China has 2395 buildings above 150 meters, 823 buildings above 200 meters and 95 buildings above 300 meters, all of which rank first in the world.

There are also some speechless practices.

With the development of the times, they are no longer applicable.

Super high-rise buildings are the product of the special era.

For example, Shanghai Center Tower, which we know, costs $2 billion 400 million, that is, the average cost per floor is about $18 million.

There are many cities like Nanning that are keen on building super high-rise buildings in the country.

However, there are also many housing enterprises with poor technology.

This is actually very euphemistic, which means that we really don’t need so many office buildings.

I wonder if you have noticed that the construction of urban skyline is in full swing everywhere, and landmarks appear one after another.

It is famous in the industry for building super high-rise landmarks.

The construction process is particularly complex and has high requirements for many details.

But in fact, it is relatively low in cost in super high-rise buildings.

For example, Nanning has been building super high-rise buildings in recent years.

The local people think that the new area needs super high-rise buildings to attract investment.

On the other hand, it began to adopt the lifelong responsibility system of super high-rise buildings.

The Guangxi China Resources Building under construction is 403 meters high.

The super high-rise buildings over 300 meters have reached double digits, and there is also one building over 400 meters.

Now, with the economic development, it is difficult to install the upstream and downstream of the industry into the same building, so there is no need to build super high-rise buildings.


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