Where are the “Ministry of national defense” and the “Central Military Commission”? Construction area of more than 100000 square meters!

Bayi building was shortlisted in the list of 50 buildings selected as “Beijing’s top ten contemporary buildings”.

The Bayi Square in the south is a place to welcome foreign military leaders to review the honor guard of the three armed forces.

The Bayi building requires the architectural modeling to highlight the military characteristics, national style and the spirit of the times.

It has made outstanding achievements in building technology innovation, and its 156 meter long seamless design of high-rise buildings won the first prize of military science and technology.

“Bayi building” project won the “Luban Award” of the National Gold Award of the Ministry of construction in 2006.

The single building is coordinated with the surrounding environment.

It is magnificent and has an atmosphere of etiquette ceremony; East Square is a place for general staff to go in and out of the reception, with a simple atmosphere, convenient and practical; In the north is 12600 square meters of concentrated green space, which is connected with the greening of the inner court and has a beautiful environment.

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The color is simple, bright, generous and personalized, the structure is solid, the seismic performance is good, and various economic and technical indicators are reasonable, It has achieved economic applicability, low cost, high quality and good effect.

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It has a total construction area of more than 100000 square meters, tall, majestic and solemn.

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The building shape is unique, novel and magnificent, which reflects the organic combination of military characteristics, national style and the spirit of the times.

The main building has 12 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground.

The building puts the characteristics of the army in the first place and center.

According to the general layout of Bayi building, the interconnected square courtyard space is marked out according to the use requirements.

A bright urban landscape is added to the extension line of West Chang’an Street.

It is one of the new landmark buildings on Chang’an Street.

                                                 “Bayi building” (also known as the office building of the Military Commission of the Ministry of national defense and the office building of the Central Military Commission, which is different from the building of the Ministry of national defense on the West Bank of Beihai Park), is located on the north side of Fuxing Road, the East side of the Military Museum and opposite the building of the Ministry of railways.

The cornice height of the building is 61 meters.

At the same time, the building also has the common characteristics of modern office buildings.

The user believes that the building has reasonable layout, complete functions and strong practicability.

In the overall design, the traditional left-right symmetrical layout of the central axis is adopted, and the original learning hall to be retained in the southwest of the main building is cleverly incorporated into the new building to form a dignified and stable building group with scattered heights.

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Bayi building was designed by the fourth design and Research Institute of the engineering corps of the General Staff Department and completed on August 1, 1999.

The construction unit is Xinxing Construction Group Company of the General Logistics Department.

The layout, shape and color of the building are consistent with the adjacent Chinese Military Museum, and have their own characteristics.

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The functional zoning of building graphic design is clear, and the traffic flow line is clear, which meets the use requirements.

In addition, the super large building volume forms the unique magnificent military temperament of the building.


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