These are the key problems affecting the design of prefabricated buildings

The reason why the first tier cities can bear the increase in cost is that the national policy gives a 3% floor area ratio reward, that is, it is equivalent to selling tens of thousands of more houses per square meter.

▲   Figure 10   The cost control principle of prefabricated building different building systems, construction technology level, prefabrication and assembly rate, management mode and total building height will have a great impact on the comprehensive cost of the project.

More seriously, the components are reworked and processed again, which will greatly delay the construction period, At the same time, the increase of component cost will also cause wrangling claims from all parties.

▲   Figure 3   Assembly architectural design process III.

▲   Figure 9   The difference in the cost of prefabricated buildings is a noteworthy fact.

Cost control data show that at present, domestic prefabricated buildings account for about 5% of new buildings, but they have been popularized for so many years.

The design will also compare and select a variety of samples and detailed quotations.

▲   Figure 4   Component splitting principle ▲   Figure 5   Five design factors of component splitting 4.

The rationality of the design directly affects the cost of the project.

6 common shear wall connection mode (reinforced sleeve connection) v.

The mature consideration of the early splitting scheme will make the process of the later project more smooth.

In the process, we should not only consider the transmission of vertical information, but also give full consideration to the communication and feedback of horizontal information.

From steel structure to prefabricated concrete structure, the development process of prefabricated buildings is relatively slow, which is mainly due to the cost.

The fault tolerance rate of fabricated components is very low.

In addition, the conflict coordination among various disciplines also needs to be coordinated and solved by PC designers in the process of detail design.

Therefore, in the design process, we should pay special attention to the rationality of component connection node design.

High quality construction projects need to take into account all links affecting prefabricated projects from multiple directions and angles…

Once the drawings with design errors are processed into components, or structural measures are added on the construction site, such as knocking, smashing, patching, etc., which will inevitably cause certain construction period delay and change claims.

Discussion background in recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the process of modern cities and the continuous increase of the implementation of prefabricated buildings in China, more than 30 provincial and municipal government departments have successively issued relevant guidance and adopted effective policy exploration, development and innovation from the aspects of land, finance and taxation, finance, planning and so on.

▲   Fig.

component splitting design splitting is not only a technical work, but also includes the investigation and economic analysis of external conditions.

6、 Drawing review drawing review is particularly important for controlling the quality of assembled drawings.

The calculation review of shear resistance, embedded parts, hoisting and demoulding of components also needs to be completed at the same time.

▲   Figure 2   The process of assembly design is a process of interaction among personnel from architecture, structure, electromechanical, hardbound, technology, component factory, construction site and so on.

Moreover, collision conflict should be considered between independent prefabricated components, and the fault tolerance rate is at the millimeter level, which is undoubtedly very challenging for designers.

Steel Chamfer

▲   Figure 11   Factors affecting the cost of prefabricated buildings conclusion the development of prefabricated buildings is the general trend.

While vigorously promoting the development and application of prefabricated buildings, it must also be fast and stable.

▲   Figure 1   Key problems affecting prefabricated building design this paper briefly describes several key problems affecting prefabricated building design and some technical problems that should be paid attention to in the process of prefabricated building design from seven aspects: organizational structure, design process, component splitting, node design, detail design, drawing review and cost control.

According to statistics, the number of PC components on a standard floor of a single building is about 80 ~ 200 according to the prefabricated assembly rate, while the number of corresponding detailed drawings is about 120 ~ 240, and the whole single building is about 300 ~ 1000.

The PC components of the industrialized project are split with the design drawings as the basis for production and production.

Component splitting design the design of prefabricated component connection node is the key and difficult point in the design process; It is also the key to the smooth installation on the construction site.

▲   Figure 8   Multi way drawing review VII.

Before the completion of the design stage of the industrialized building, the design documents of all parts and components have been deepened and completed.

component detail design assembly design increases the work content of component detail design compared with traditional cast-in-place structure design.

Figure 3 briefly introduces the specific process of design promotion and the key work in each stage.

Component detail is the primary basis for factory processing prefabricated components.

After splitting and deepening a project, the final component details often reach hundreds of thousands.

1、 Organizational structure domestic exploration and design enterprises are facing more and more fierce market competition.

2、 Design process assembly design must need a scientific and reasonable standardized design process to well define the responsibilities of each department and ensure the efficient operation of the team.

▲   Figure 7   The detailed drawing design of prefabricated component drawing information is a detailed and precise work.

As a highly unstable industry, the system, policy and cultural differences of various regions and industries have a great impact on the development of the industry.

On the other hand, reasonable assembly design requires designers not only to master assembly professional knowledge, but also to have an in-depth understanding of different stages of the whole construction project and close cooperation with various departments and disciplines.


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