What software will BIM use in the whole construction process? Come and have a look!

At present, Guanglianda’s measurement software is divided into: reinforcement calculation, image calculation and hardbound correction; Install common software such as quantity calculation, and the pricing includes GBq.

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However, its positioning is too single (only limited to architecture specialty) and “multi specialty integration” in China The system of the design institute is seriously mismatched, so it is difficult to achieve a big breakthrough in market share.

We can take the advantages and disadvantages of each software and use it comprehensively and flexibly, so as to give full play to the advantages of the software and obtain better results.

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4、 Control software: bim5d is a BIM based construction process management tool, which can integrate key information such as progress, budget, resources and construction organization through BIM model, simulate the construction process, and timely provide accurate image progress, material consumption, process measurement, cost accounting and other core data for technology, production, business and other links in the construction process, Effective decision-making and fine management are realized, so as to reduce construction changes, shorten construction period, control cost and improve quality.

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There are many BIM software from design to operation and maintenance.

It can be connected with the most advanced BIM Technology through the port to form an effective management mode, improve the maintenance efficiency of facilities and equipment and reduce the maintenance cost.

5、 Operation and maintenance software: archibus is a widely used property operation and maintenance software in the United States.

As the earliest modeling software, Archicad is strong in the construction drawing of the box and the excellent bimx display, which is more popular with architects who first contact with 3D software.

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Only the software that really meets the current national standards can be recognized and promoted in the domestic BIM market.

Based on this ability, it produces three main application functions: roaming, collision inspection and construction simulation.

Roaming is walking inside and watching the model you draw; Collision inspection is that you can easily find out which pipes have collided; Construction simulation is to make the construction process into an animation to let everyone know the construction progress.

It can combine many model files in different formats.

3、 Budget cost software: Guanglianda is a software that is easy to generate quantity and price.

Archibus is mainly used for school operation and management in China.

It has powerful volume creation and adaptive family building complex modeling functions; Revit can integrate all aspects of information well, and won’t let you forget to change things or make mistakes; Revit is better than architectural design deliberation and electromechanical optimization.


On architectural models and drawings, the speed is more than three times that of Su + CAD.

BIM Technology has been applied in National Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing Daxing airport, Tianjin 117 building, etc.

It can be used to establish the model of building entity or input some figures to obtain the quantities and cost required by the cost according to the established principles and formulas.

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what software will be used in the whole construction process of BIM from design to operation and maintenance? 1、 Detail design software: 1 As a common core modeling software, Revit is most familiar to domestic peers.

2、 Collision detection software: NavisWorks has relatively simple function and operation.


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