Requirements and Introduction of the Certificate of the Eight Building Officers

In the future, you can take the Second Construction and First Construction exams.

at the construction site of construction and municipal engineering.

Professional introduction (I) Constructor: direct the work of the construction front line, assist in the construction supervision, fully coordinate and manage the site resources, and promote the construction process.

Next, let’s take a look at the conditions for the application of the eight architectural members.

And supervise and inspect the implementation of standards, and timely correct the behaviors that do not conform to standards.

Career development path: quality officer → direct project leader/professional supervision engineer → chief supervision engineer.

In this way, the company can better arrange jobs after finding jobs.

It can also check the installation and disassembly plan of special equipment, check the operation status of special equipment and conduct safety assessment.

If the construction workers are well developed in the later stage, it is possible to earn hundreds of thousands of yuan per year as the project manager after several years of accumulation (promotion and salary increase are just around the corner).

💁🏿 Nature of issuing unit: China Construction Education Association is subordinate to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development 🔍 Qualification certificate query: China Construction Education Association Cn certificate sample Different job certificates correspond to different jobs.

With reference to the release of the latest national standards, timely update the construction standards implemented by the project.

Labor workers need to be responsible for labor management, such as supervision and distribution of construction sites, reporting of labor list and other procedures.

(3) Safety officer: The main work of the safety officer is to be responsible for the overall management of safe production and civilized construction.

Quality controller has almost become a necessary position for every project, with bright employment prospects.

⚛️ Issued by: China Construction Education Association.

Candidates can choose the post examination among the eight members according to their own actual learning situation and their own interests and hobbies, or from your job position, the post direction you plan to engage in in the future and the requirements of the unit!..

(2) Quality controller: China’s supervision on the construction quality of buildings, roads and bridges has become increasingly standardized.

Establish cost statistics and accounting of construction equipment.

Career development path: Safety Officer → Registered Safety Engineer (IV) Standardization Officer: responsible for formulating various quality standards and construction management.

Career development path: Mechanic → Mechanical Engineer (VII) Laborer: professional personnel engaged in labor management plan, qualification examination and training of labor personnel, labor contract and wage management, labor dispute settlement, etc.

Career development path: labor clerk → labor team leader → labor minister (VIII) Documenter: the documenter mainly works as an office worker in engineering.

(6) Mechanic: Mechanic refers to a professional who has obtained the qualification certificate of mechanic issued by the provincial housing and urban and rural construction department and is engaged in the supervision and inspection of the safe use of relevant construction machinery, cost statistics and accounting at the construction site.

The future prospects are production managers and project managers.

Erection Anchor

Participate in the selection and improvement of the configuration of construction equipment, and find out the potential safety hazards of handling equipment.

⏳ Period: 1 ⃣ Month (s).

Only with certificates can we adapt to the corresponding jobs.

It is necessary to understand the drawings and distinguish each part of the project, submit the application to the supervision unit in time, and submit the materials for review in time.

It is necessary to have a certain degree of control over all aspects of resources and specific actual situations.

Career development path: construction worker – technician – technical director – project manager.

The implementation and supervision of the new construction site management system, and the review of the expenditure of labor costs.

Professional quality personnel have a promising future in the professional road of project quality supervision.

Career development path: documenter → cost engineer or first-class constructor 🔶 Application conditions: At least 18 years old.

The recruitment of safety officer generally requires that the applicant is very familiar with the safety operation procedures of construction, has rich experience in the management of safe construction, safe use of electricity and temporary water and electricity on site, and holds the safety officer certificate.

It is generally required to be stationed on the project.

The eight construction personnel refer to the eight key technical posts in the construction enterprise: construction personnel (surveyors), quality personnel, safety personnel, standard personnel, material personnel, machinery personnel, labor personnel, and documenters.

This work requires a full understanding of site materials, quality, measurement, safety, etc.

It is mainly to implement various national and local government safety management regulations, establish the project safety assurance system and various safety systems according to these regulations, and then supervise the implementation.

There is also a good prospect of engaging in this industry.

Career development path: standard officer → direct project leader/professional supervision engineer → chief supervision engineer (V) Materialman: responsible for material management, implementing the procurement process, and establishing a good system to ensure a quick understanding of material consumption.

Career development path: materialman → material manager → cost engineer.

Train relevant personnel to help them understand relevant updated standards.

Taking more exams is indeed conducive to job hunting and job hunting in the future, so as to expand the scope of application of their posts.

🔶 Application materials: identity reprint and one inch color photo 2 ⃣ Zhang.

Why do many people like to take the eight member exam? As the “entry-level” post certificate in the construction industry, the certificate of the Eight Construction Officers is also one of the hottest exams in the construction industry.


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