What is the class a qualification standard for construction? What professionals are needed?

(2) The enterprise management organization structure, standard system, quality and archives system are sound.

Now let’s talk about the personnel to be equipped: registered personnel: except that the technical director needs to bring two large and four libraries to check the performance, other personnel do not need non registered personnel: 12 non registered personnel need to bring one large, two middle and four libraries to check the performance.

(3) Among the personnel specified in the staffing table of main professional and technical personnel, the non registered personnel of the leading discipline shall, as the professional and technical director, preside over no less than 3 engineering designs of medium-sized and above projects of the corresponding professional design type of the applied industry, including no less than 1 large project.

The required personnel are as follows: Well, I’ll share with you today.

(2) The main technical director or chief engineer of the enterprise shall have a bachelor’s degree or above, more than 10 years of design experience, preside over at least 2 large-scale project engineering designs of the corresponding professional design type of the applied industry, and have registered practice qualification or senior professional and technical title.

1-2 technical conditions (1) the professional allocation is complete and reasonable, and the number of main professional technicians shall not be less than the number specified in the allocation table of main professional technicians in the applied professional qualification standards.

1-3 technical equipment and management level (1) necessary technical equipment and fixed engineering sites.

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(2) It has a good social reputation and a registered capital of no less than 3 million yuan.

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wechat: 13688317880 the requirements to be met for class a qualification of construction specialty are: 1-1 qualification and reputation (1) having the qualification of independent enterprise legal person.

There are more questions related to other qualifications, You can leave a message and communicate with the author.

(3) The enterprise has completed no less than one large-scale project design or no less than two medium-sized projects of the corresponding professional design type of the applied industry, and has been completed and put into operation.

Let me tell you here that if you want to apply for Grade A of construction specialty, you must first have grade B qualification of construction, and you can’t directly apply for Grade A.


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