Welcome to the school of architecture | the record of Freshmen’s check-in is coming!

  Freshman enrollment   The orientation work affects the heart of every person who founded the Institute.

They can be seen everywhere in the school gate, erudite building and dormitory area.

May you go to the mountains and seas with your love for the establishment of the Institute in the coming days-.

  volunteer   In the lens, many beautiful moments when Xiaomeng newcomers first met with the founding of the Institute, your college life has just begun, and your hopes for the future twinkle in your eyes.

  Xiyuan    Guiyuan   Conscientious and responsible volunteers are busy.

May xiaomengxin live up to their youth and work hard.

You are watching the WeChat avocado, official account of the student union of Nanjing University of Technology.

Build the motherland, build a dream and build an academy.

Lifting Anchor

Welcome to you, dear little avocado, welcome to you! In October, Nanjing University of technology, the wind is light and the clouds are clear, and the autumn is crisp.

You, who are full of vitality, have joined the big family of the Construction Institute of Nanjing University of technology.

Let the little sprouts who entered the University alone during the special epidemic prevention and control period fade the confusion and anxiety they first came to, and feel the warmth of the big family of the hospital.

The 2021 Xiaomeng newcomers of the Institute of construction say hello to the new life with their first group photo with the Institute of construction of the University of technology.

  Atrium of erudite building   Warm greetings, lovely gifts and warm help have narrowed the distance between teachers and students of the Institute and Xiaomeng newcomers.

   In the erudite building, there are busy counselors and small classes, as well as the concern from leaders.


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