Weekend + social security! Guizhou Renhuai zhongxincheng Construction Co., Ltd. is looking for financial accountants and project cost

Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability; 5.

Sort out all kinds of written archiving materials, electronic archiving materials, weekly accounts and monthly reports; 6.

Organize and complete the bidding data of various professional projects of the project, complete various calculation, analysis and comparison, and cooperate with customers to complete the formulation of target cost; 4.

Prepare and maintain the company’s general ledger and Sub Ledger, and record the company’s business transactions timely and accurately; 2.

Assist company leaders to establish working contacts with government, financial and other departments.

Financial accounting experience is preferred; 3.

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Working experience in large projects and large enterprises is preferred; 4.

According to the contract, drawings and other relevant data, complete the pricing work according to the quota and list rules; 3.

Treatment: face to face + full attendance award + weekend + Social Security   Contact: Mr.

Audit and input various internal accounting vouchers, and assist in budget control; 6.

College degree or above, major in engineering cost; 2.

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Carry out accounting treatment, sort out wrong accounts, disordered accounts, cost accounting and fixed assets management; 4.

Rest assured to apply for a job, be safe and reliable, work well and pay well.

Cooperate with project manager and department manager; 7.

Job requirements: 1.

Bachelor degree or above in finance and accounting; 2.

Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit; Job requirements: 1.

Handle reimbursement and annual inspection, and coordinate with industrial and commercial tax authorities; 7.

Salary: 4000 yuan + full attendance award + weekend + social security II.

Project cost engineer: Job Description: 1.

Cost engineer certificate is preferred.

Submit statements to relevant government departments and pay various taxes; 5.

Proactive, strong sense of responsibility, hardworking, willing to learn and self-motivated, and good professional ethics; 5.

recruits the following personnel due to business development needs: I.

financial accounting personnel: Qualification: 1.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders in time.

Familiar with accounting and financial statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, proficient in using financial and office software; 4.

Submit internal financial management report and project operation statistics to the company’s management; 3.

At least 3 years working experience, working experience in cost office is preferred; 3.

Complete relevant quantity calculation according to quota and list rules; 2.

Conduct on-site collection, and handle single calculation (settlement), progress review, visa, change, calculation and settlement; 5.


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