Warm and fashionable modern classic apartment in traditional old buildings in Barcelona (78 square meters)

Although this apartment in Barcelona is not very large and has only one bedroom, its interior design is full of personality and impressive architectural details.

Due to the pleasant warm colors, natural materials and beautiful furniture, the designer succeeded in making the space as fashionable and comfortable as possible.

If conditions permit, the building interface itself can also be treated.

The design of commodity signs, packaging, decoration and advertising is commonly known as decoration design.

Interior decoration design is mainly designed according to certain requirements for the six interfaces of the interior space of the building It is required to carry out secondary treatment, that is, the treatment of ceiling, wall and ground, as well as the treatment of internal interfaces such as solid and semi-solid dividing space.

Great design! The original text is transferred from the fashion home textile new media of many subsidiaries: extended reading of home textile theory (m.jijuduo.

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CN) * a doctor’s family is simple in the suburbs Elegant American style western style building * simple genius Residence: Modern barn style independent residence in Sweden * a personalized loft apartment mixed with concrete and wood in Gothenburg * British classics: magnificent historical building residence in Sussex * fashionable combination of gray and beige in Stockholm apartment * bright and pleasant eclectic apartment in Minsk architecture * flowers in each room Swedish country apartment with wallpaper and wood lining * Australian small farm: renovating old farmhouse with retro charm * the most lovely interpretation of wooden house: Danish wooden house with thatched roof * lightweight and exquisite attic apartment of famous violinist in New York * beautiful colors of Danish home brostecopenhagen 2021 * designer Sean Anderson’s own dark retro mansion in Memphis * Contemporary Classics The mix of Bohemian pop art in the th century * the chic fashion attic of a top model in New York ▼ “decoration design” recommended by the album of home textile on the official website collection channel “Decoration design” is translated into English as visual communication design.

The high ceiling and classic stucco modeling are also the biggest features of this beautiful historical building built in 1912.

Visual communication design is a design that uses visual signs to convey information, and this visual signal plays an important role in conveying information.

Lifting Anchor

First of all, we should recognize the window: a careful observer will immediately notice the characteristic curves and lines of the new art movement style.


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