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In case of suspected infringement of trademark patent right, the law enforcement department of the above administrative department can check the total number, specifications and models of the goods suspected of infringement, and then seal them up and select the test products from them.

Next, Beijing trademark agent registration enterprises tell us what to do after discovering that trademarks have been infringed? 1.

Due to the strong specialty of trademark infringement cases, the trademark owner still has difficulties in investigating and obtaining evidence himself.


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Report to the government department for investigation and evidence collection.

At this time, the entrusting party can be authorized to complete the investigation and obtaining evidence.



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If no prosecution is mentioned to the people’s court, such preservation measures should be eliminated, or relevant evidence should be destroyed or returned.

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Rebar Chair

The defendant can report to the industrial and commercial bureau and public security organ of the city where the infringement is located.

The actual effect of the notary organ’s protection of evidence is basically the same as that of the people’s court in accordance with its power.

  The impartial evidence has the actual effect determined to be true, and will generally be adopted immediately by the people’s court, unless there is sufficient evidence in turn to defeat the impartial evidence.

The above units can also view and copy the contract, account books and other relevant documents related to the case, understand themselves and witnesses, and carry out on-site supervision and inspection by taking photos, shooting and other methods.


Apply to the people’s court for the protection of execution objection evidence.

One of the legal business processes of applying for the notarial organ to carry out evidence protection is “protecting evidence”.

These people not only have a variety of laws and regulations, but also have sufficient trial experience and proficient prosecution methods.

Authorize the entrusting party to organize evidence investigation.

If the defendant is unable to independently investigate and collect evidence due to objective factors, or the defendant is unable to obtain important evidence by exhaustion of methods, or the people’s court feels that some evidence is necessary for the trial of the case, the people’s court shall assume the obligation of evidence investigation.

Trademarks are very important for enterprises.

When we find that trademarks have been infringed, we can use the weapons of laws and regulations to maintain our own interests.

According to the expression on the application of law on the termination of execution objection against the infringement of the patent right of registered trademark and the protection of evidence, it is stipulated that the application for the protection of execution objection evidence can be applied in trademark infringement cases.

At this time, the applicant must also be responsible for the damage caused.


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