Travel time – New Year’s Day holiday construction site “not closed”

The construction requirements are that if you can’t finish it, you have to work overtime at night.” Tian Qingyu, 29, at the construction site of Wei’er road reconstruction project, is skillfully operating an excavator for road foundation trench construction.

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Tian Qingyu has been working on the site since the commencement of the project in October 2021.

He Guoyou, the labor force at the construction site of section I of qinglvdao project, is busy cleaning up the site due to the tight construction period The task is heavy.

Freeze hands and feet.

The project builder he Guoyou said, “it is difficult to construct in winter.

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Since the commencement of the project, he Guoyou and his colleagues have made great efforts to rush for the construction period.

After entering winter, he came to the site from home at more than 5 o’clock every day to start the excavator to warm up to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, excavator driver Tian Qingyu said, “It’s really difficult in winter.

During the new year’s Day holiday, there are such a group of people who stick to the front line of the construction site, resist the severe cold weather, seize the project construction period, ensure the project progress, and add full horsepower to the completion of the municipal facilities project of the Tourism Development Conference on schedule…

Work outside for more than four hours in the morning and more than four hours in the afternoon.

It’s too cold, but we all have to work harder to complete the project of Weier road as soon as possible.” During this new year’s Day holiday, many builders always stick to the front line of the construction site and work hard at their posts to ensure that major projects are completed as scheduled this year ● all local positive infected persons are cleared! Heilongjiang has issued the latest epidemic prevention and control notice in many places ● the new year is coming! Li Shifeng expressed condolences to Daqing cadres and workers who stick to their posts: one person pays and reaps 10000 Xiangle ● 30 people! Fall career! Honggang District issues talent introduction announcement source: Daqing political affairs editor: fuyuanbo review: he Wenqi Supervisor: Yang Liang Daqing Comprehensive Radio and financial media pays tribute to the original.


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