Training class for construction 8 staff + Supervision Engineer

It can be used for the company to apply for qualification, bid, and must have an employment certificate! 3:  National Construction Cost Clerk! Essential for bidding! Nationwide! It is necessary to test as a second-class cost engineer! Can be used to exempt a basic subject! Reportable major: Civil Engineering, municipal administration, garden, highway, decoration and installation! 4: Putonghua grade 2 A, a prerequisite for applying for teacher qualification! 5: In previous years, accounting qualification + National Accounting Information Collection + accounting continuing education have been completed.

Combination Wing Nut

Perennial enrollment training for tea artists! Graduate student, national vocational qualification registration (human resource manager, electrician, tea artist) registration contact: Mr.

All provinces and cities have begun the networking of accounting personnel data collection.


14 years of wechat education with the same number – only recruit stable, reliable and guaranteed education projects – operate with heart -.

Registration requirements: born before 1984! 10: 🔥 Professional qualification certificate level III and level IV (advanced and intermediate) projects in the national acquiring: 👉 Intermediate and senior declared types of work for professional qualification: electrician, welder, tea craftsman, pastry maker, fitter, lathe worker, milling worker, lifting and unloading machinery operator, glasses fixing worker, glasses optometrist, waterproof worker, masonry worker, concrete worker, reinforcement worker, scaffolder, manual carpenter, refrigerator, etc.

Item 1: professional supervision engineer of Provincial Construction Department   Major: Communication Engineering, agriculture and forestry engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, smelting engineering, power engineering, housing construction engineering, etc   The examination and training period is three months.

The role of accounting certificate is still very advantageous.

⚠ Centralized declaration at the end of each month! In 2020, adult education, self-taught undergraduate course, on-the-job education, I recruit students during the headmaster’s term, and easily obtain college and undergraduate education: undergraduate course, computer grade, Putonghua test, studying abroad, academic qualification notarization, 1.

  🏁 Self built appraisal center, stable channel! The registered residence is not limited to the whole country.

Accounting training and study abroad.

Self taught undergraduate course, junior college, adult college entrance examination,.

Focus on education for 14 years, operate with heart and be grateful to meet you! For details, please scan and wechat consulting.

It is an authoritative education base in China, with more than 180 authorized counseling centers, more than 50 cooperative colleges and universities, covering more than 30 cities across the country.

Weng QQ: 417182800.

Dietitian training, medical architecture technical secondary school, can apply for the second construction and assistant doctors.

Diploma Education from junior college to undergraduate   Adult Education Distance Education    Professional title evaluation, practice qualification, study abroad, college entrance examination – National College Alliance.

Thank you for meeting me!..

It can be used for job hunting, post setting, company registration, tax declaration, shortening the intermediate years of application, etc! 6: Enrollment of public technical secondary schools, kindergarten teacher of central audio-visual education center, kindergarten head qualification! 7: Human resources and Social Security Bureau engineer title, a small number of places 8: Health Management Division, human resources management division, July examination! 9: Master’s degree in previous years, with certification report.

2: the five majors of China’s water conservancy projects: safety officer, material officer, construction officer, quality inspector and documenter..

Middle and senior engineer title.

Network education.

My headmaster recruited students nationwide in, promoted the academic qualifications of on-the-job adult education, vocational training (tea artist training starts for a long time), accounting, construction industry 8 members, and reviewed the professional titles of engineers.

It sincerely recruits powerful educational institutions to cooperate.

On-the-job education! 2.


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