Landscape Architecture: coexistence of architecture and nature

Although the first floor also has a good landscape view, the windows on the first floor are limited due to privacy protection and temperature control.

Above the parking space is a large platform for guest rooms and service space.

In addition, a beam is hidden inside the core of the concrete panel, which extends along its length.

It is a typical Argentine town.

In this open-air space, there is a swimming pool and a solarium along the edge of the swimming pool.

On the two longitudinal boundaries, there are no visible lower and upper beams, and the frame can extend freely from one end to the other.

Because of its distance from the glass panel, the sunlight from the dome shaped skylight hole passes through this narrow area, which is like a lookout.

This spatial arrangement results in two independent volumes being perpendicular to each other.

In order to meet these requirements, the building is placed on the highest floor of the site, which is 3 meters higher than the horizontal height.

The customer stressed the importance of landscape vision to him, and also to prevent the cold southeast wind from the ocean.

The lighting system also extends linearly on the two facades, emphasizing the horizontal scale of the volume.

Caril ó is located in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Users can view the garden from the terrace and feel the sunset surrounded by the surrounding trees in the evening.

Such a structure is like an I-beam, whose lower side extends upward to the edge of the floor, which can block the line of sight.

The service space is placed on a plane that supports the main volume of the building.

The main platform not only has an open landscape view on both sides, but also is decorated with glazed panels from the floor to the ceiling.

And the grandeur of the building and the landscape also complement each other.

The terrain close to the beach makes its surrounding environment not shady with trees, but a barren landscape.

The large terrace designed by the user in the main volume of the building can enjoy the landscape of nearby houses.

The client wants to own a vacation home, including a master suite, separate rooms, outdoor lounge, barbecue area, swimming pool and solarium connected to the social area.

Similarly, the concrete screen hung on the floor of the first floor blocks the sun from the main bedroom, and users can enjoy the scenery through the terrace.

Here, there is a concrete bench.

The social area extends out from the wooden terrace.

In the half roof part, there are barbecue area, outdoor lounge and dining area.

The master bedroom bathroom is the only enclosed space in the whole main area.

In addition, the term “landscape architecture” describes the common goal to be expressed in such projects, that is, the coexistence of architecture and surrounding nature.

The structural wall enclosing the barbecue area protects the grey space part of the terrace and the rest area from the sun from the west of the building.

The final solution of the project is to concentrate the whole load of the suspended building volume at one point to form a shape similar to a triangular column.

Caril ó town is 360 kilometers away from Buenos Aires.

It is located in a corner a block from the sea.

It retains natural pine forest reserves, sand dunes and broad beaches, which also makes caril ó town the most important tourist center and ideal residence.

Architectural design: Luciano Kruk location: Argentina type: residential project management: Luciano Kruk area: 230.0 square meters project year: 2018 – design exchange group.

The building is named after the town it was built.

And because of its conical section reduced towards the ground, it does not need to occupy too much ground space, which is different from most other traditional solutions.

For users, it is the most important thing to enjoy this beautiful place.

Caril ó residence in Argentina caril ó house / lucianokruk is compiled by Mengxia and Li Ren.

For this design, one of the main challenges is to find a method to support the structure at the other end of the building.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

Sitting on the bench, users can face the sea view and enjoy their private space.

In addition, the steep slopes of the site sink from the back of the terrain, like sand dunes facing the sea.

It connects sleep and living space, and plays a structural role by transferring its load to the triangular column below.

Such an environment also drove architects to begin to conceive the landscape of the site.

The stairs of the building are composed of two concrete walls, leading to a private space.

All structural frames are made of deep bronze anodized aluminum, which makes them invisible to users and deepens the contrast between the space and the surrounding concrete color.

One side overlooks the sea, and the other side is a private garden designed by the customer.


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