Tianjin Botian Construction Installation and Maintenance Engineering Public Recruitment Announcement

(hereinafter referred to as “Botian Construction and Installation Company”) is a state-owned enterprise in the construction industry, affiliated with Tianjin Botian Chemical Co., Ltd.

(3) Take overall responsibility for the quality, progress, cost, safety, civilized construction and other management objectives of the maintenance project implementation.

One mechanical technician from the North Xinjiang Project Department; 3.

Healthy body, good professional ethics, adherence to organizational principles, adherence to professional ethics, and integrity and self-discipline.


Resolutely implement the decisions and resolutions of the Party Committee and the company, be loyal to the enterprise, work diligently and responsibly, and be diligent and dedicated.

Have good conduct, abide by laws and regulations, unite with colleagues, have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility, and have the ability and professional level to be competent for the job.

The company is located in Hangu, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, with a registered capital of 33.4 million yuan.

(3) Job responsibilities and application requirements: 1.

According to the business development needs of Botian Jian’an Company, we are now publicly recruiting formal employees from all personnel of Botian Company.

(3) Having at least 1 year of experience in a department level deputy position or above

(5) Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders.

Qualifications: (1) Male, 52 years old and below (born after June 1, 1971), with special qualifications that can be relaxed appropriately.

One manager of the port project department; 2.

One fitter.

Three electricians; 4.

(2) Responsible for the organizational management and team building of the project department, conscientiously implementing various management systems of the owner and the company, and fulfilling the terms and conditions of the contract agreement signed with the owner.

Manager of the Lingang Project Department Job responsibilities: (1) Responsible for the comprehensive management of the Lingang Project Department.

(4) Fully leverage the advantages of the project department, communicate regularly with the owner, and actively develop maintenance outsourcing engineering projects; Organize the construction of outsourced engineering projects, be responsible for controlling various objectives during the construction process, and participate in project acceptance management.


Tianjin Botian Construction Installation and Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd.

It is one of the comprehensive construction and installation companies with higher qualification levels in the Tianjin region.

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1、 Recruitment requirements (1) Recruitment positions and number of people 1.

It has a fixed construction site of over 10000 square meters and multiple qualifications such as the second level general contracting of national petrochemical engineering construction.

(2) Having a college degree or above, with a professional title of engineering assistant or above.


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