Three renderings — modern style high-rise residential building design

Lifting Anchor

It is necessary to ensure that the ambient light is consistent with the lighting of the building.

Only by showing better results to Party A, you are the lucky one to win the bid.

PSD layered material has detailed material superposition, which is worthy of reference.

From different angles, whether it is the macro effect drawing of residential area planning or the street view display from the human perspective, the shaping of details, the contrast of the surrounding environment and the behavior characteristics of characters need to be considered in the effect drawing.

The processing of this renderings needs to control the details of the building.

Due to the different sky materials of the transparent day scene, the light feeling of the day scene is also different, including noon sunshine and sunset.

At the end of the paper, the PSD material of modern style high-rise residential design is attached, with a total of 5.36gb and 28 scenes.

Modern style high-rise residential design renderings PSD layered material 5.36GB, 28 scenes free access to WeChat official account back information, you can get free access to extreme speed acquisition mode, scanning the next two-dimensional code without waiting, second speed access click below “.

The wet feeling of material is also the key to shaping the environment.

The processing of dark rain scene is focused on the contrast of light and shade and the control of tone.

The essence of renderings is to show people a better scene than reality and achieve future goals in advance.

The renderings of single buildings mostly show the details of scheme design.

PSD material modern style, no matter how good the design scheme is, it is difficult to achieve the expected effect without excellent later support.


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