These beautiful buildings may land in Huangpu, Guangzhou. Which is your favorite?

Participants should design and create a green space for the benefit of the people at the designated site from the main entrance of Jiulong lake to Longteng Park of knowledge city, combined with the elements of environment and local cultural characteristics and reflecting the theme of the competition.

After these buildings are put on the ground, they will be “high-value” and “practical” The popularity is rising, and it has become another popular punch in point of the knowledge city, and the quality of life and urban vitality of the knowledge city will be further improved.

The convenient green space designed by students or the leisure belt along the lake in the knowledge city make these buildings complement each other in function and aesthetics.

The construction of architectural sketches is to deepen the “practical work for the people” of the knowledge city The innovative practice of the work covers a variety of scenes such as book reading, landscape painting and parent-child fun, hoping to create a relaxed and pleasant public space for the neighborhood.

This theme is extracted from the “whether there is mutual birth, difficult and easy to form, long and short, high and low, harmony of sound and sound, and follow each other” in Laozi’s Tao Te Ching , reflecting the way that all things complement each other and depend on each other.

Come and see which is most in your heart? On October 31, 2021, the final evaluation meeting of “urban symbiosis, community co construction – 2021 Cade young architects and China Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Zero Carbon public space construction competition” was successfully held, with 6 teams from South China University of technology, Shenzhen University, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong University of technology and Guangzhou University, It stood out from 14 teams from 7 universities in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao// Six promotion works show the works of ADL team of South China University of technology – promotion reasons without central corridor: unique shape, strong sense of crossing, wrapping and experience, innovative methods, strong practicability of landing while considering renewable energy, and conducted in-depth feasibility analysis.

In the on-site construction stage, the college students who are promoted to the team will pass the competition under the guidance of college teachers and expert teams Team work, make use of recyclable wood, bamboo, PP hollow board, foamed ceramic board and other environmental protection materials to create zero carbon landscape sketches that can meet the diversified leisure needs of individuals, families and communities from the aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling and reuse, and build a collection of consulting and guidance, popular science education, book reading, landscape painting, parent-child fun, music interaction and other functions that complement aesthetics 14 teams from 7 universities in Dawan District participated in the final review meeting of 2021 Cade young architects and Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City Zero Carbon public space construction competition, which was organized by Cade group (China) and Science City (Guangzhou) Co sponsored by Investment Group Co., Ltd., supported by the development and Construction Office of Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City, CO sponsored by Huangpu District Committee of the Communist Youth League, and supported by Cade Hope fund, a public welfare branch of Cade, a large number of college students majoring in architectural design from top universities in Dawan District have been attracted to participate in this paper.

The works of bald chicken team of the founding Institute of South China University of technology – meet promotion reasons: comprehensive consideration in all aspects, functionality Interesting, clear logic, prominent theme, full consideration of functional details, daydream team work on the sofa of Guangdong University of technology – reasons for growth, aggregation and promotion: novel and practical punch in function design, strong extension of hexagonal elements, The modular design is original.

The works of the active environmental protection team of South China Agricultural University – promotion reason between square inches: the concept is consistent with the theme, and the functions are intensive and rich, With the characteristics of popular science, the work of ZC · teamx team of Shenzhen University – music of exhausted sound promotion reason: the construction structure is stable, the structural details are reasonable, including daylighting, combination with the environment, etc., and the construction landing scheme is fully considered   ❂ Xu Hui, member of the Party group and deputy director of the development and Construction Office of Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City, said at the award ceremony that Jiulong lake is positioned as the “urban core, ecological green heart and citizen activity center” of the knowledge city.

The works of the Zhiqiang team of Guangzhou University – bamboo shadow stacked mountains promotion reason: the landscape elements of Chinese traditional culture are adopted, the structure is stable, and the internal functionality is rich.

Let young people’s architectural talents integrate into the city’s blood.

From the end of November to the beginning of December, the teams who are promoted to the next round of the competition will personally build the designed works on the Bank of Jiulong lake of Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City, and compete for the first, second and third prizes and the “best Popularity Award” through expert review and public voting in mid December “Xiangtogether” is the design theme of this competition.

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