[Chongqing recruitment (non editorial)] teaching secretary of Chongqing Vocational College of construction engineering — delivery deadline

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Li Tel.: 023-6196810815823956637.

857, Lihua Avenue, Nan’an District, Chongqing   Personnel department November 1, 2021 (click at the end of the document).


Age: under 35; 4.

The salary shall be implemented according to the relevant management regulations of the salary system of labor dispatch personnel of the school.

If infringement is involved, please contact the official account to delete it.

Warm reminder: please be vigilant when applying for a job and pay attention to distinguish the authenticity to prevent being deceived.

Recruitment requirements 1.

registration method candidates shall truthfully fill in the registration form (see Annex 1) and resume information statistics form (see Annex 2), and name the file with “name + mobile phone number” and send it to e-mail after compression 1056897659@qq.com 。 V.

Others: be able to skillfully use office software; School work experience and qualification certificates related to finance and business management are preferred.

Contact information: Mr.

starting and ending time of registration: from the date of announcement to Monday, November 8, 2021.


Disclaimer: the job information published by this official account is from public channels, only for the purpose of transmitting more job recruitment information and promoting job seekers’ employment.

Pay attention to the official account of mountain city employment and get the latest recruitment information in Chongqing.

precautions: according to the delivery of resume, the school will notify the candidates by telephone for interview and employ the best.



Education: Full-time Master’s degree or above; 2.



The recruitment post adopts the form of labor dispatch, and one teaching secretary is recruited for the society.

Thank you.

Major: unlimited major, computer related major is preferred; 3.

Address: No.


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