There is a “net red scenic spot” in this famous university in Shanghai. One thing happened before the building was opened

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When the school opened in September 1925, it rented the school site at Xiafei Road (now Huaihai Middle Road) ● the school opened in September of that year, with a total of 970 students.

After the completion of the “alumni’s home”, alumni of all sessions presented calligraphy and paintings, tapestries and decorations, which were carefully placed in this small world.

Instead, there is a deep concern between their alma mater and students.

Alumni’s boxing heart to their alma mater can be seen everywhere.

The curriculum is based on the construction of domestic famous universities.

He Zhiping, a 79 level alumnus of Donghua University, “I spent nearly seven years on Donghua campus from 1979 to 1986.

Most of the school buildings were destroyed by Japanese artillery fire, leaving only this bungalow.

In the “alumni home” of Donghua University before 2021, alumni he Zhiping generously donated 700000 shares of China Huajian Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

The picture shows the gate of Guanghua University at that time ● the “Songhu battle” broke out on August 13, 1937.

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Since then, this bungalow has been used as a laboratory.

John’s University, took three months to build.

During the 70th anniversary of Donghua University in the past, this red site has become a popular online attraction for alumni to punch in when they return to school.

In 1926, Guanghua University moved to the new site of Daxi road.

(market value: 49 million yuan) to support the construction and development of the University; And donated another 3 million yuan to carry out phase II transformation of the “alumni home”, integrating multiple connotations such as historical sites, alumni culture and warm home, so as to optimize and improve its surrounding cultural landscape environment and indoor functions, and present a gift to the 70th anniversary of his alma mater.

Now there is only one bungalow of about 286 square meters, hiding in Donghua University campus, 1882 Yan’an west road.

The building was used as a laboratory of Donghua University at that time..

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He Zhiping alumni share donation ceremony and “alumni home” renovation and opening ceremony “alumni home” is the oldest building on the campus of Donghua University and the only existing site of Guanghua University.

After the adjustment of the college and department, East China Institute of textile technology (the predecessor of Donghua University) was established at the site in 1951.

It was listed as a cultural relics protection site in Changning District in April 2017.

                                    The famous Guanghua university building in history was almost destroyed in the “Songhu battle”.

Such scale and speed can be called a miracle in the academic world.

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In September of the following year, Guanghua University moved to the new school site of Daxi Road (now the location of Yan’an Road Campus), and the building area of the school once reached more than 10000 square meters.

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John’s University, forcibly prevented students from organizing solidarity struggle.

Current situation of “alumni home” of Donghua University (external landscape) extended reading of the current situation of “alumni home” of Donghua University (internal landscape): changes in the campus of Guanghua University ● after the May 30 massacre in 1925, bu Fangji, President of St.

Ten years ago, he Zhiping, an alumnus of Donghua University, invested millions of yuan to build this bungalow into an “alumni home”; In 2021, he funded another 3 million yuan to update it again.

There is a place to sit, drink tea, chat, let alumni recall their youth and carry on the tradition of fuel and fire.” now there is no gunfire in this bungalow.

553 students and 19 Chinese teachers angrily left the University and gave up the so-called “Oriental Harvard” With the support of students’ parents Wang Shengsan, Xu qiufan, Zhang Shouyong and all sectors of society, Guanghua University, known as St.

No matter where we go in life, University is always the background of our life and the place where our dreams take off.” on October 16, he Zhiping returned to his alma mater to participate in a series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the University and stood in front of the “alumni home” of Guanghua building again, He Zhiping said the original intention of the building, “a very simple idea is to hope that alumni can return to school.

In 2011, on the 60th anniversary of the founding of Donghua University, the mechanism level 79 alumni and China Huajian Investment Holding Co., Ltd., founded by the mechanism level 79 alumni he Zhiping, jointly donated money to transform the old Guanghua building and garage for his alma mater and build the “alumni home” of Donghua University, expressing his gratitude to his alma mater.

In 1947, the private Shanghai Textile Industry College moved to the former site to run a school.

In mid November, the site of Daxi road became a war zone.

Over the past decade, “alumni home” has received hundreds of classes and tens of thousands of returning alumni, and has truly become a warm home for alumni at home and abroad and an online popular scenic spot for alumni to punch in when they return to school.


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