There is a kind of architecture called the continuous self transcendence of Longhu leader

It still completes the “one-dimensional” when it fully enters the architectural layout of enclosed layout and staggered layout Layout, the whole project is arranged in line, and there is no shelter in the south project, which maximizes the South daylighting and field of vision, which not only realizes the effect of scenery and daylighting for every family, but also avoids the privacy interference of window to window.

(schematic diagram) this indicator has a real impact on the planning of architectural layout.

(original work of Beijing Longhu · Yihe) (original work of Xiamen Longhu · jingling) Longhu, who doesn’t eat the old capital, can’t stop customers’ insight into longformansion.

The size of space directly affects the living experience, and a single flat area will inevitably lead to the limitations of space.

Duplex products are the only reasonable products that can enjoy the space living experience of villas and be compatible in the city center at this stage.

The less the per capita, the more congestion, and the longer the waiting time.

Opening windows for convection can form fresh air conversion, which realizes the all bright and transparent pattern here.

In terms of waiting at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, elevator utilization rate and the number of users of the functions of the park, these indexes are more likely to affect the sense of living experience.

At the same time, it predicts that the industry has entered the “product” era of bayonet fighting.

The origin of a good house is not only in architecture, but also in indoor space, which is why people lived in arcades and townhouses when they were young and wanted to live in villas when they grew up.

GUANCHEN is located in the core area of the East Second Ring Road of Fuzhou.

Under the villa restriction order, the villa form can only appear in the outer suburbs, which is contrary to the good lot that a good house must have.

This project shows its “extraordinary” from the beginning of indicators According to the planning, the plot ratio is about 1.99.

In this era, a word is frequently entering our life, that is – product power.

Under the increasingly serious market homogenization, everywhere is “89 ㎡ big three rooms, 105 ㎡ big four rooms, Guoyun garden and Chinese style mansion” The real estate enters the framework template under the banner of “fighting for cost and operation”.

And Longhu GUANCHEN did it.

There are only 117 households on 19307 ㎡ land, with a per capita land area of 165 ㎡.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

What’s more, as a professional leader in real estate luxury houses, Longhu has not been limited to the old building capital of the past five years.

Only through vertical superposition can we realize the expansion of space.

If the current flat floor universal utilization rate is 81%, it is equivalent to a large flat floor product of 180 m2, which is very cost-effective in the Fuzhou real estate market where every inch of land and every inch of gold.

Nowadays, this sentence is the most appropriate way to describe the real estate industry.

The indoor space runs through the north and south of the building, and also opens the lifeline of convection.

In 2021, Longhu doesn’t seem to plan to stop the upgrading of its “product power”.

It is not only the control of purchase cost, but also the utilization of greater space..

The elevator with plate structure is only used by a single household, which also gives more use possibilities, and the functional layout of the entrance porch is more diversified.

In recent years, it has built various types of special luxury houses such as Tianzi system, shunshan mansion and piedmont, which also shows the omnipotence and multidimensional nature of the developer.

Such a building index is doomed to be unusual in the city center with an inch of land and an inch of gold.

“Stick” The story behind is about Longhu’s pursuit of the most original life of a good house.

To disassemble the concept of a good house is nothing more than a few words: “location, planning, space and landscape”.

Customers in this era need a “good house”.

(effect picture) “stick to comfortable” buildings are the luxury of enjoying Shanglong Lake in longformansion section.

In the chapter of China’s luxury real estate, from the original works of Longhu · Yihe, the hundreds of millions of villas next to the summer palace, to the original works of Beijing · Jinglin and Xiamen · Jinglin in the north and south, have become the punching coordinates of people in the real estate industry, Even many projects must go to these communities to see how they are built before they start the design scheme.

This hat sounds tacky and simple impetuous, but it reveals the most real idea of buyers.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to applaud and win seats in this industry.

(Chongqing Longhu · xiangzhanglin) when it comes to products, we have to mention the luxury expert “Longhu” in the real estate industry.

Other projects are doing secret, it is doing loose, others are doing enclosure, and it is doing a word to ensure daylighting.

(schematic diagram) the permeability outside the building is not enough to change the living experience in the house.

The realization of a single condition can match the needs of different customers, but we all understand that millions of houses hope to have better lots, better architectural planning, greater space and so on, and these Longhu GUANCHEN have done it.

(148m ² House type diagram) Longhu GUANCHEN has launched a large duplex with a building area of about 148-191m2, and the utilization rate of 148 M2 is close to 100%.

Dickens wrote in a tale of two cities: “this is the best time and the worst time”.

This structure is not only reflected in ventilation and daylighting, but also in private space.

When the financial attribute of real estate is gradually weakened and buyers pay more and more attention to the comfort of living, the above thinking may have been biased from the starting way.

The prominent product power is also the embodiment of the buyer’s increasingly stringent demand for the house.

In the buildings with a floor area ratio of 2.5-3 in the center of Fuzhou, this project is more independent.

(schematic diagram) “stick” may be the most appropriate word for Longhu GUANCHEN.

No matter how excellent the external ventilation and lighting conditions are, the point layout and corridor design in the building will also directly lead to “the wind can get in and can’t get out” , there is nothing better than the plate structure.

You know, 7000 households of champagne international on the East Second Ring Road, with a per capita land area of only 30 ㎡.

Therefore, “duplex” has become the best answer in this era.


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