There are buildings on Wudang Mountain – audio of travel heart discovery

In 1982, it was listed in the first batch of national key scenic spots by the State Council.

The mountains are flying like a palace hanging on a cliff.

But you know there’s a better view ahead, so you just keep walking.

At the same time, it is also an important part of the relatively complete architectural complex in Wudang Mountain..

It is located under duyang rock.

Jinding, a bronze cast and gilded building, is the largest copper building in ancient China.

Foreword, my Buddhist system is already a “recidivist”, and it is all on the program of Jia Qian, who is forcing her own official account with the program audio.

I haven’t experienced the beauty in the hard years for a long time.

This process is very cool.

When you go to Wudang Mountain, you need to see the sea of clouds and Jinding.

It seems that this sea of clouds is the sentient beings in front of it.

If your legs are sharp and strong, it is recommended that you walk down the mountain when you can bend and stretch.

It is known as “the Museum of ancient Chinese architectural achievements” and “the Forbidden City hanging on the cliffs”.

I haven’t been down the mountain alone for 3.5 hours (including rest time) for a long time.

The bus window was open.

1 fragrance in the world”.

You can return by cableway or walk down the mountain.

In this process, I am helpless, tired, and my legs and feet don’t listen to orders and fight with my brain.

Qingshen road is quiet and gentle, and the road is slightly long, but there are few people, mainly natural scenery.

It is said that emperor Zhenwu sacrificed his life to become an immortal.

Wudang Mountain ancient architectural complex, the world cultural heritage “building the Forbidden City in the north and Wudang in the South”, is the construction feat of Zhu Di, the founder of the Ming Dynasty.

Nanyan palace was built in the Yuan Dynasty.

There are two downhill roads, Qingshen road and Mingshen road.

If they are careless, they will be broken to pieces.

What kind of Versailles experience is this? Going down the mountain is for practice.

There are three Tianmen, two Tianmen, one Tianmen and Chaotian Palace along the way.

Because it faces the abyss, those who burn dragon head incense should kneel and climb the dragon body only 30 cm wide, light incense at the dragon head, and then kneel and return.

In my heart, there is a label heavier than any, “world cultural heritage”.

Before the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, many pilgrims burned incense to show their piety, resulting in the death of the cliff.

Compared with the rise of Zhenwu emperor, Nanyan palace is famous for its “No.

It was built in the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty and reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty.

Through the dense forest, on the vertical cliff, there is a red palace, which is quite shocking! South Rock Hall is the largest existing stone hall in Wudang Mountain, including Tianyi Zhenqing palace stone hall, Yiyi hall, Huangjing hall, Bafeng Pavilion, dragon and tiger Pavilion, Dabei Pavilion and South Tianmen, reflecting the exquisite skills of ancient craftsmen.

My impression of Wudang Mountain is also branded from this.

Successive emperors built Wudang Mountain as a royal family temple.

One of them talked about the ancient buildings of Wudang Mountain.

Ming Shinto is crowded and steep.

This time, too, there was no improvement.

I think I have sharp legs and feet.

To be fair, I don’t know much about Wudang Taoist culture, and I’m not a fan of Jin Yong.

I felt the cool night wind and enjoyed the quiet and lonely from the afterglow to the night.

From Shenzhen to Wudang Mountain, the high-speed railway is direct.

and arrive at Wudang Shanxi at 6 p.m.

It also passes quickly.

I came to see architecture.

Two ancient buildings in the South and north face each other in a distance.

In 1994, Wudang Mountain ancient buildings were listed in the world cultural heritage list.

During the reign of Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di, the founder of Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, built Wudang Mountain and expanded it during the reign of Jiajing.

During the Yongle period, the words “building Wudang in the South” and “building Wudang” fully show that the ancient buildings of Wudang can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty.

There is the Forbidden City in the north and the Zijin City in the south.

Lifting Eye

You can go down the mountain by yourself.

In 1994, Wudang Mountain ancient buildings were listed in the world cultural heritage list.

It takes 8 hours to see the scenery, turn over the books, talk a few words, wear eye masks, completely relax and sleep.

They are actually a monument on the Jinding of Wudang Mountain.

It takes about 2.5 hours to go down the mountain without rest and play, but if you rest your feet, it is estimated that you want to lie flat next.

The natural scenery is just incidental.

Leave at 10:30 a.m.

There are 53 ancient buildings left in Wudang Mountain, with a construction area of 27000 square meters, 9 construction sites and 5035 cultural relics.

It stretches for 160 miles, reflecting the Taoist thought of “the unity of heaven and man”.

Go out calmly and get off leisurely.

It has knocked down the state of mind of his inner Buddha system for many years, and it seems that he is fascinated by the stimulation of chasing “prey”.

Going to Wudang is not for “cultivating immortals” or religion.

Zixiao palace, the treasure of the town, is a well preserved imperial temple complex in Wudang Mountain.

The dragon head stone in front of the cliff is known as the best incense in the world.

“Riding alone for thousands of miles” was also mentioned in my last essay.

The best scenic spot is on the way down the mountain from Jinding and walking through crow ridge.

I have to buy a climbing stick on the way.

It cost 1 yuan for 40 minutes.

Over 12 years, more than 300000 people have built 33 buildings, including 9 palaces, 8 views, 36 nunneries, 72 rock temples.

I wanted to update the graphics and program audio in 2021 to catch up with the lack of separation, which became the first article in 2022.

Holding a suitcase, I jumped onto the bus at the gate of the high-speed railway station.

The palace hanging on the cliff is only the Xiangnan rock palace with a dragon head.

Zijin City is a palace built around the top of Tianzhu peak during the reign of Emperor Zhu Di of the Ming Dynasty.

The whole building complex is uniformly arranged in strict accordance with the story of Zhenwu Xiuxian, combined with the regulation of royal architecture, forming a fairyland of “five li, one nunnery, ten li and one palace, red walls, green tiles and exquisite looking”.

It is the most beautiful place among the 36 rocks of Wudang Mountain.

The three words “Zijin City” are not fabricated by later generations.

Jinding is smaller than we thought, but in the face of the boundless sea of clouds, there is still a towering awe.

Go up the stone steps and come to Zijin City.

My journey began with master Shan’s program.

There is Taihe palace in the Forbidden City and Taihe palace in Wudang Mountain.

Enjoy the panorama of Nanyan palace.

So far, after Kangxi, a ban on burning was set.


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