There are 85 buildings in the world that have not been seen for a long time, of which 3 are listed on the crosswalk in Chongqing, China


Edinburgh, Japan, Kyoto, Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, night view of Bremen, Germany, a neoclassical Roman bathroom built in 1925.


Lifting Anchor

Hanselman house in Indiana (1967) a 736 meter long building in Moscow (Electronic Computing Technology Research Center).

Singapore Xingyao Changi Airport Guangzhou Opera House Vietnam long Xueyan private residence New York central station, this photo was taken in 1929.

OvercliffCastel was built in 1892, in the New York Province, Shanghai, Latvia, China.

Glass house in Maryland, Indian kapaleeswarar Hindu temple, Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Thailand, Paris chapel, France, bartro’s house in Barcelona, Spain, Santiago Galicia Cathedral, Barcelona, pontdel bisbe, eye of Zhuhai, China (Architectural Design of a real estate sales department in Zhuhai) Frog house in belsk, Poland Oxford University is a semi wooden house built in 1560 in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Coton manor in England is a country manor built in the 17th century.

Stone house in tisington village, Derbyshire, UK Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia, an abandoned castle in Ireland, the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi, this 50 meter high statue of South Dakota Native American women, called “dignity”.

The Fauvist architecture of Ivry sur Seine, France, bochta, Lake Wales, Florida, but everyone will get a unique outdoor space.

This Gothic Revival castle stands on a steep rock above the right bank of the lesse river.

It was built in the 13th century.

The traditional old wooden house in Lithuania Trakai, the black and white house in Washington D.C., a new art department store in 1904, located on Ryan street, Sixth District, Paris, France.

Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, built in 1878.

There is a community on the internet dedicated to sharing interesting buildings and the most pleasing architectural photos.

The bell tower in Barcelona, Spain, the Gato monument to the great king of Jaipur, India, the hotel reconstructed from the old sugar factory in Guilin, the French salamander cinema, one of the largest shopping centers in Scandinavia, Sweden! PRA arena in Croatia, built in 27 BC.

New Swan Castle in Germany is even more charming in the snow.

The University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK is located in the 19th century gwrych castle in the autonomous city of Conway County, Wales, UK.

If you want to immerse yourself in other cultures, traditions and local people’s daily life, this is your best choice.

German castle, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan, Sun Moon tower, Guilin, China, York, England, Hungarian Parliament building, Budapest, China Ruyi bridge, interior wall of taprohm monastery in Cambodia, built in the 12th-13th century.

A castle in nario, Colombia, built in 1916.

Lugano, Switzerland Singapore marina bay garden Baroque beauty of ottobeuren monastery in Bavaria, Germany 12th century mill in France an old bridge in Dublin, Ireland.

The tree house in Singapore, the 24-year-old “Wisteria” house of the Imam Lisa temple in Mashhad, Egypt and Iran, is located in inistioge, Kilkenny, Ireland.

The sculpture of Vizio castle in Italy.

Mary’s Cathedral in Florence, shefsavant, Morocco, a manor built in the 1620s in Oxfordshire, England.

The circular courtyard of CASA, Mexico is a house on a tree and the concrete bench in Todi, Italy, Costa Rica.

Bahai Lingxi Church in Illinois, USA this is an Indian temple built 1000 years ago.

Manasija monastery in Serbia is a Serbian Orthodox monastery built in the early 15th century, surrounded by huge fortifications.

Located in Barcelona, Spain, a Catalan modernist building built in 1903.

Quadrinburg in Athens is one of the best preserved medieval and Renaissance towns in Europe.

  Habitat67, Jaipur, India, hibenik Cathedral in Montreal, a 9-storey building with 936 apartments in Moscow, Croatia, was built in the late 1970s.

It did not suffer major damage during World War II.

The scenery of Lake Como in northern Italy is a castle in Dinan, Walloon District, Belgium.

I heard you like cubic windows? Sidewalks in Chongqing, China..


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