The school of architecture held regular class work meeting and learning work meeting

At the regular meeting of learning cadres, all departments of the General Youth League branch reported: the person in charge of the Secretariat Department reported the collection of supplementary records of each class and the preparation of the report of the student debriefing meeting, the report of the publicity department, the sending of tweets and the study inspection of the Youth University, the canteen duty of the volunteer department, the sorting and checking of the list of upgraded personnel by the learning department, and so on.

The meeting was presided over by counselor Duan Jianfeng The Institute level organizes the heads of all departments and the squad leaders to participate.

Class work routine meeting in the class work routine meeting, it is mentioned that the division of school workers and employees, the work discipline requirements of the class committee, the attendance rate of evening self-study of each class every week, the hygiene of classrooms and dormitories, the filling of forms and the safety of leaving school in winter vacation, etc.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, the school of architecture held a year-end class cadre and learning cadre summary meeting in the West training building to summarize and review the work of the student union and class of the general branch of our college in 2021.

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Duan Jianfeng proposed that in 2022, each person in charge should improve the ability and quality of student cadres, implement the work situation, and maximize the enthusiasm of student cadres and students-.

With regard to the work in 2021, Mr.


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