The recent situation of Little Shenyang has aroused heated discussion. He has appeared on the construction site to make money, from a star

His facial features are seriously distorted and look very happy.

There is a construction site behind Little Shenyang, with steel and cement piled behind.

However, everyone has their own plan.

However, Little Shenyang is not willing to do only comedy.

However, he did not cherish it, but left this circle.

Since Xiao Shenyang and Zhao Benshan performed the sketch “not bad money” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, it suddenly became popular all over the country.

At that time, he was also one of Zhao Benshan’s most proud disciples.

Originally, his image has its own smile.

Although he often starred in film and television dramas, now Xiao Shenyang’s fame has fallen very much.

Recently, Xiao Shenyang posted dancing videos on the social platform, wearing a washed white coat and a yellow plastic helmet, and appeared on the construction site to make money.

In fact, Little Shenyang is more suitable for the stage of comedy.

He seems to have changed from a star to a contractor.

He frequently appeared in major drama groups.

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In such a dirty environment, I didn’t expect a big star to dance here.

Like Jia Ling and Shen Teng, Little Shenyang can develop in many ways.

Xiao Shenyang is not a professional, and his comedy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Instead, he filmed in the crew and made dumplings with the staff.

He is worthy of being a comedian and is very funny.

Xiao Shenyang worked very hard in the film and television industry.

The official account is part of the network..

Although Xiao Shenyang is now active in major studios, his fame is still much worse than that when he played sketches.

When making film and television dramas, don’t abandon comedy, but the effect will be better.

The official account of official account of the meat and bamboo morning has been banned.

It can also be seen from the video that Xiao Shenyang still doesn’t change his humorous style and swings with the music.

Now it is also the road chosen by Xiao Shenyang.

It was not long before he began to transform and began to appear in movies and TV dramas.

The recent situation of Xiao Shenyang has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

He looked very kind.

I hope he will get better and better in the future.

He didn’t go home for the festival some time ago.

No one expected that little Shenyang would transform so quickly, completely abandon comedy and become a full-time film and television person.

The audience feels very happy when they see him, and Little Shenyang has a deep foundation in comedy.

It seems that little Shenyang has been valued by Jackie Chan’s big brother.

In the video, he also opened a big head special effect for himself.

It’s easy to see him in film and television plays.

Jackie Chan’s big brother invited Little Shenyang to guest star in his spring festival films.

Xiao Shenyang also joked about himself: “it’s almost the new year, so make some pocket money”, but he is likely to change into a contractor only when he is filming and the plot needs.

Now he can’t be seen on the comedy stage.

With the popularity of his own sketches, there are often film and television dramas to invite Little Shenyang.

And film and television plays pay more attention to appearance and acting skills.

If you have any other opinions, please leave a message in the comment area for discussion.

In those years, with Zhao Benshan, Xiao Shenyang’s popularity can be said to be a household name.


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