The overseas people of zhuaizhigang zhongjiangang invite you to have a video call

You have a video call from overseas friends…

Overseas workers working in Hong Kong all over the world still choose to stick to the project to ensure production even in the face of severe epidemic situation.

Can’t they return home during the Mid Autumn Festival? Overseas has its own tricks.

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Long press the QR code below to answer 👇👇👇 Mid Autumn Festival reunion · Mid Autumn Festival sweet scented osmanthus floating jade is as cool as washing for an instant.

It’s another Mid Autumn Festival.

On the occasion of this festival, China Construction port extends holiday greetings and sincere thanks to all employees working hard in the overseas front line and their families who have given long-term silent support behind them! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! • Joint creativity: all media center × Overseas business division •   Source: overseas business department •   Editor: Li Jiajia   Ni Xincheng   Reviewed by: Qiu Yanfang   Cartoon image spokesman HIPO long press the identification QR code to pay attention to China Construction port   Remember to light up “like” and   “Watching”   oh.

The two sides had friendly cultural interaction and exchange ▲ “exploring the Mid Autumn Festival” Although the participants are far from lovesickness and exchange overseas, they only have this red heart.

Let’s take a look at how these lovely people gather with their families in the project ~ project material director   Sun Yifan and his girlfriend    Deputy chief engineer of Indonesia Obi general cargo wharf project   Cong Jianan and his wife    Survey director of Indonesia Obi general cargo wharf project   Miao Li Chao and his wife   Trainee of Bangladesh aisalam power plant wharf project   Xia Junhao and his girlfriend    Trainee of Bangladesh aisalam power plant wharf project   Fang Zhixian and his girlfriend    The Indonesian office and Malay Office of Bangladesh aisalam power plant wharf project held the activity of “exploring the Mid Autumn Festival”, introduced the historical origin, myths, legends and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival to the localized workers, and shared the unforgettable experience of the Mid Autumn Festival.


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