The list of the top ten ugly buildings was released. Are the two hotels unjust?


His works are landmark buildings all over the world.

The only disadvantage may be that it is somewhat incompatible with the surrounding environment.

Yesterday, the top ten ugly buildings in China that Miss pays attention to were finally announced.

His works were selected as “one of the most important works defining the architecture of our times” by the 125th anniversary of architectural records magazine, and won the Royal Institute of Architects Award.

Instead of the Manzhouli taowa Hotel, which Miss had high hopes for, it was replaced by Beijing Weijing International Hotel and Hunan Changsha dawangshan Langhao Hotel, ranking fourth and eighth respectively, becoming a pair of brothers and sisters.

The Langhao hotel in dawangshan, Changsha, which opened this year, is really wronged on the list.

Among the ten ugliest buildings of the year, there are two hotels on the list.

Reasons for the listing of Alibaba South China operation center in Guangzhou: illogical volume cutting, rough technique, improper proportion and self defeating.

The 295 guest rooms and Suites of the hotel maintain the consistent standard of Langhao, with spacious space and large floor windows.

Reason for listing Hongyang square in Jinan, Shandong: the boring single skin covers a variety of functions and super large-scale building volume, endangering the urban visual environment.

It can be described as mediocre and very conspicuous.


Unexpectedly, jiuhuangshan glass bridge, which was the first in the online voting, was not included in the list.

Reason why Shanghai Songjiang G60 scientific innovation cloud corridor is listed: blindly pursue urban wonders by false and wasteful exaggeration to cover up the mediocre design of the main building.

It is a typical example of showcasing wealth and kitsch cultural and tourism projects.

At the beginning of this month, Hilton Haihua island has also been grandly opened, with a construction area of 57000 square meters.


Miss’s friends once stayed in this Langhao Hotel and rated the service and overall facilities very well.

If it is an ordinary hotel, it may not have much problem.

What do you think? 01 reasons for the listing of Hengda Haihua Island complex in Danzhou, Hainan: capital acts willfully, destroys marine ecology, and has strange and messy forms.

Miss doesn’t agree that Suzhou Bay cultural center is on the list and ranks second.

It is a representative work of fake large space design.

Reasons for the listing of Jiangsu Suzhou Bay cultural center: the concept of streamer is attached in a non functional super-scale form.

Reasons for the listing of Langhao hotel in dawangshan, Changsha, Hunan: deliberately seeking blame, being coy and increasing costs, which is neither reasonable nor beautiful.

G60 Kechuang cloud gallery is also a work that surprised miss.


Designer Raphael vinori is very famous in contemporary architecture.

Reasons for the listing of FAW red flag innovation building in Changchun, Jilin: the overall design idea follows the pictographic formalism routine, and the design vocabulary conflicts with itself, affecting the “innovation” image of the enterprise.


However, jiuhuangshan glass bridge is different.

The mistake is that he not only bears the name of the flagship store, but also occupies a good position.

The flagship store of “Weijing international”, once known as the high-end brand of Hong Kong China travel service, has a unique multi ribbed outer wall, which was widely known as the landmark of Sanyuan bridge.

The appearance of Haihua Island complex itself is not a big problem, but the world’s first adult industrial Island, which is known to spend 160 billion, has been stopped several times because of reclamation problems.

I don’t know how the architect should feel when he is on the list.

Everyone was convinced of its ugliness and gave an unprecedented and consistent bad comment.

Over the years, Haihua island has been almost in a cycle of illegal construction – shutdown – fine – continued illegal construction.

If it is designed and interpreted, it can even be said to be beautiful.

The hotel was built by the famous architect wolfd Designed with ingenuity, Prix is located in the center of Xiangjiang happy city.

The modeling is exaggerated and wasteful.

For example, the second ranked Suzhou Bay cultural center is not ugly in terms of appearance.

26 pictures in this article , 1746 words reading for about 6 minutes , adding miss wechat designhotel-s good buildings is not for curiosity, but to re-examine our city.

Reasons for the listing of China Science and Technology Architecture Museum in Wuhan, Hubei: the design imitates the “seed” shape in a pictographic way, which is far fetched and deviates from the expression of the theme of contemporary architectural science and technology.


From the appearance alone, there is not much to be picky about.

But to re-examine our city and make ugly buildings less and less..

Reasons for the listing of Beijing Weijing International Hotel: the building renovation failed to correct the defects of the original design, and the more it was changed, the uglier it became, which damaged the city image of the east gate of the capital.

It is a landmark building on the island.

Looking at the whole list, Miss doesn’t fully agree.

The selection of ugly buildings, the jury lineup is very professional.

It is also regrettable that Beijing Weijing International Hotel, which opened in 2016, has just gone through the renovation and has just reached the fourth place on the list.

Reasons for the listing of Changqing Road bridge across Jindi River in Puyang, Henan Province: the form is vulgar, the technique is clumsy, and painting the snake is superfluous, which is contrary to the basic logic and aesthetic spirit of modern bridge structure.


Such unscrupulous destruction of the ecology really deserves criticism.

Crown Foot Anchor

You know, other buildings on the candidate list were more or less controversial at that time.



The main members are: Wang Mingxian, a scholar of architecture and art history of the Chinese Academy of art, a visiting professor of the school of architecture of the Central Academy of fine arts, a professor level senior architect of the Chinese Architectural Society Gu Mengchao, a famous architectural critic, architectural design office of Zhongfang group Bu Zhengwei, the main founder and senior chief architect of (Comprehensive Grade A), Zhou Rong, an associate professor of the school of architecture of Tsinghua University, a famous architectural critic, Cao Xiaoxin, the deputy chief architect of China Architectural Design and Research Institute, and the host of Daqi architecture studio, Wang Yonggang, a researcher of the Public Art Institute of China National Academy of painting, the founder of Chaocheng architectural design office and the host of Che Fei’s annual ugly building Building is not a carnival for curiosity.

The longest steel structure streamer in China has reached the first in terms of span and length, and a pedestrian passage is set on the streamer, which is not just a non functional decoration.


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