Letter on invitation to become a member of building construction equipment branch of China Building Metal Structure Association

It is a national social organization legal person approved and registered by the Ministry of civil affairs.

They should pay dues on time and actively participate in the work Participate in various activities organized by the association.

After being reviewed and approved by the Secretariat of the association, they can become members of the association.

units and individuals applying for membership can open the official website of the Association (WWW.CCMSA.

Participate in the national quality award, QC group activities, quality technology award, TQM universal education, user satisfaction project, trusted teams and outstanding quality award led by China Quality Association Dissemination, development, evaluation and commendation of modern quality management concepts and methods such as measuring people; 5.

They should not only enjoy the rights stipulated in the articles of association, but also fulfill the obligations stipulated in the articles of association.

In December 2020, in response to the market demand and the suggestions of relevant mechanical equipment manufacturers, dealers and leasing units, on the basis of extensive investigation and demonstration, and in accordance with the requirements of the management of relevant social organizations and branches of the state, it was decided to establish the construction equipment branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association (approval No.: China Construction Finance Association [2021]) by voting at the Council meeting of the association 02).

Enjoy relevant benefits when participating in exhibitions, conferences and other activities held by the association Give priority to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, order fairs, expositions, scientific and technological achievements fairs, domestic and foreign investigation, technical and business exchanges and other activities.

Enterprises, institutions and individuals in the field of national construction equipment and related industries are welcome to join the China Construction Metal Structure Association.

Participate in the evaluation and commendation activities allowed by the state regulations carried out by the Association; 4.



CN) ——Service – member management system, enter the front desk of the system, click membership application or log in immediately, access the member system, fill in according to the process, and.

The equipment branch will continue to maintain business cooperation with China Quality Association in quality management, popularize and disseminate modern quality management concepts and methods, and continue to carry out activities within its framework, such as excellent performance model, quality management team activities, user satisfaction project, etc.

Before the establishment of the construction equipment branch (hereinafter referred to as the equipment branch), our business areas mainly covered four major industry categories: building doors and windows and curtain walls, building steel structures, water supply and drainage equipment, radiators and fresh air systems, with a total of 24 professional institutions; With the establishment and development of the equipment branch, the field of construction equipment such as construction machinery, mining machinery and elevator will become the fifth largest industry category under the jurisdiction of the association.

Awarded the member certificate of China Building Metal Structure Association 2.

The main service items available to members are as follows: 1.

Members of the equipment branch cover enterprises, units and individuals in the fields of R & D, design, production, manufacturing, distribution, leasing, installation and service.

The relevant matters are as follows: 1.

Round Bar Ferrule

All relevant units: China Building Metal Structure Association (abbreviated as ccmsa) was established with the approval of the former State Construction Commission in August 1981.

The application shall be submitted and filled in by the organization and myself Application form for membership of China Building Metal Structure Association , and submit the copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person, the enterprise profile, the product manual and other relevant materials to the association.

The equipment branch will carry out business activities within the scope specified in the articles of association in the fields of construction machinery (including construction, municipal, sanitation and garden machinery), mining machinery, elevators and related equipment.

Use the resources of the association to assist them to participate in the establishment and preparation of national standards, industrial standards and group standards, the establishment and R & D of science and technology projects of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, and the certification of national green building materials and products; 6.

Second, members should carry out their work in accordance with the provisions of the association’s articles of association and the branch’s working rules.

It is organizationally under the direct leadership of the working committee of the central and state organs and administratively under the supervision and management of the Ministry of civil affairs, In terms of business, it accepts the guidance of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and undertakes the transfer of some government functions.

At the same time, in order to integrate resources, we have undertaken the membership and business of the former construction machinery (including elevator) industry branch of China Quality Association externally, and cancelled the building formwork scaffold Committee and building fastener committee that can be covered by the business of the equipment branch internally.

Enjoy information consulting services related to science and technology, management, marketing, technology, quality and operation; 3.

Those engaged in the production and operation of construction machinery (including construction, municipal, sanitation and garden machinery), mining machinery, elevators and related equipment And manufacturing enterprises, distribution units, leasing units, enterprises, institutions and individuals with various ownership economic components with legal personality, such as design, scientific research, colleges and universities, who provide supporting services for the industry, recognize the articles of association of the association, are willing to participate in the work of the association and pay membership fees on time.



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