“The last master of modern architecture” left. He designed the Louvre pyramid

Pei for this project included Mies van der Roe and Louis Kang.

His skillful use of materials has reached a poetic level.” His biographer, Cornell, said: “Compared with contemporary modernist architects, his works are the most friendly to ordinary people and have no sense of distance.

“I think this is very interesting.

Then I went to Harvard.

The lion forest is also an industry of the shell family, which was later donated to the country.

“I believe that architecture is a kind of practical art.

It was this kind of decency that enabled Pei to win the project of the Kennedy Library.

There is no modern architecture, post-modern architecture, deconstruction…

Pei and Mrs.

Near Lion Forest.

In such a family, Pei is used to seeing the coming and going, and he is also eloquent.

“In the childhood memory of Suzhou, people treat each other with sincerity and respect each other.

Louis Con was slovenly, and the office was even more messy.

Jacqueline herself explained this choice by saying: “This is a very emotional decision…

Every day I go to see it, it gets higher and higher, and the result is almost 20 layers, which has a great impact on me.

I want modern architecture to connect a place with its history and nature.

His first real fame was in 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated.

“Yuming” implies light.

He makes himself unpredictable.

Pei, the “heart of Suzhou”, was born in Guangzhou and grew up in Suzhou.

To become an art, it must have the necessity of existence.” “The simpler the design, the more powerful it is.” “When I was young, I always wanted to create new, even revolutionary buildings.

He said, “I don’t follow the fashion.” He said that his most important thing is whether his works can withstand the test of time.

When receiving Jacqueline, Pei rearranged the office and placed some flowers and plants she liked.

But at the age of 18, Pei chose to study architecture in the United States.

The family expected him to engage in finance, medicine and other industries.

“The two days with Cobb may be the most important day in my architecture learning career.” # “I am more patient” Pei started as a “house architect” in his early years, and was therefore despised by the mainstream architecture industry.

His family decided to build a private library in Boston as a memorial.

Some fellow designers despise Pei for this reason: “His job is to go to the diplomat’s home for dinner.” Pei himself said: “I am more patient because I am a Chinese.

Dissatisfied with the teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, he transferred to MIT.

He is full of confidence and reminds me of Jack (John Kennedy’s nickname).

I decided to take a bold step with him.” I.M.

They were born in the same year.

He is known as “the elegant ferryboat in the cultural gap” and has a “mysterious and elegant oriental aristocratic temperament”.

He was the architect who won the Pritzker Prize earlier, The award evaluated him as follows: “I.M.

He has always paid attention to the surrounding environment of his buildings and refused to confine himself to narrow architectural problems.

Kennedy Jacqueline are calm and calm at all times.

However, Jacqueline Kennedy chose I.M.

His most famous work is the glass pyramid of the Louvre.

All his works, whether commercial buildings or art galleries, have achieved a delicate balance between innovation and conservation.” He is not tempted by external labels.

Pei, who was hardly famous.

In addition, we have prepared a very professional and delicate design plan, and also take the style of the Kennedy family into consideration.

Pei has given us the most beautiful interior space and architectural form of this century.

The Xiangshan Hotel in Beijing designed by him is known as the textbook of the generation of Chinese architects after the reform and opening up.

I think this matter is worth studying.” Bei Zuyi once worked in the Bank of China for a long time, and also served as the general manager of the Central Bank of the National Government in 1946.

“I spent my childhood in China with the strongest absorption capacity, so I have a kind of Chinese character, which is deeply rooted in me, and it is hard to change in any case.

But then my idea changed.

He once received Corbusier to visit Boston.

By contrast, Miss Smith is very proud.

I don’t believe these things.

Suppose I say that some owner doesn’t like my design, I won’t care.

The old teaching in the school could not satisfy him, so he went to look for other studies.

Pei has always been praised for his ability to deal with owners.

I think that is the meaning of life”.

I will come back another day.” Architecture critic Paul Goldberger also said: “Pei is always very kind to others, but also a little implicit.

Yesterday, architect I.M.

He said: “For me, architecture is architecture.

The relationship between people is the first in daily life.

Pei died at home at the age of 102.

They are like smoke in the air, and the one that really survives is the architecture itself – architecture of all ages.” He didn’t write his own book, or comb his own theoretical system.

Rebar Support Chair

Bei’s ancestral home is in Xihuaqiao Lane, Suzhou.

I am still a full Chinese.” When I was 10 years old, Pei was taken to Shanghai by his father, Pei Zuyi, and saw the “first floor of the Far East” – Shanghai International Hotel, and he fell in love with architecture.

He knows exactly what he wants.

He has spent his life trying to bring modernist style closer to the public.” He has four children, two of whom become architects# I.M.

Before becoming famous, he became a guest of honor for celebrities.

Pei’s personality is gentle and mellow, and his works are practical.

At that time, architects who competed with I.M.

Modern architecture should promote evolution, not revolution.” Photoby Josef Astor, the New York Times, said in the obituary: “His elegant and firm temperament has made him popular with developers, enterprises and art galleries.


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