The airport project 𞓜 police and enterprises jointly build safety, send warmth in cold winter and see the truth!

Carrying out police enterprise co construction activities is a beneficial attempt for the Party branch of the airport project to further innovate the party construction work.

During the exchange, Captain Tian also explained the typical cases of anti theft and anti fraud to us with vivid cases, jointly created a strong atmosphere of “national anti theft and anti fraud” and further improved the safety awareness of project employees.

It is also a powerful measure to close the relationship between police and enterprises, work together and innovate and develop.

It is also a favorable opportunity to promote social stability.

Next, the airport project will take co construction and joint construction as the carrier, constantly close the relationship between the project party branch and the surrounding grass-roots party organizations, and make every effort to build a new model of Party construction work of mutual assistance and cooperation.

In order to effectively strengthen the guidance of Party building, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations and Party members in promoting development, rallying people’s hearts and promoting harmony, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, realize the complementary advantages of police and enterprises, build a harmonious relationship between police and enterprises, jointly maintain the production and living order of enterprises, and provide a good public security environment for the development of enterprises.

At the same time, supervision posts such as Qing’an post and group safety officer were also set up to ensure the implementation of safe construction, so as not to cause trouble to the masses and increase strength to the society.

At the exchange meeting, Li Jianbao, the airport project manager, and Tian Yichu, the leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the airport public security bureau, exchanged speeches on the fire prevention and theft prevention of the airport project near the Spring Festival, the maintenance of stability during the Spring Festival, and the prevention of telecommunications fraud.

It is an effective way to promote various work exchanges under the guidance of Party construction.

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Team leader Tian Yichu also thanked the airport project for its cooperation and support to the work of the Public Security Bureau, and said that the airport public security bureau will always support the safety and stability maintenance of the airport project, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, strive to create an environment for safe development around the airport and escort the follow-up work of the airport project.

The airport project is a key project under the jurisdiction of the airport public security bureau.

On the morning of December 27, the Party branch of Guiyang Airport Project of China Railway Construction Engineering Group sent warm winter materials to the Airport Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Provincial Public Security Department, deepening the consensus between police and enterprises.

From the commencement of the project to now, the viaduct in front of T3 terminal and the road under the bridge have been successfully opened to traffic, During this period, the construction was carried out in strict accordance with the company’s safety production standards.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

Maintaining the stability of the enterprise’s public security environment and creating a good anti-theft atmosphere are the key responsibilities of the Public Security Bureau.

This “police Enterprise Co Construction” exchange activity takes the opportunity of sending warmth and focuses on the theme of building peace between the police and enterprises and seeing the truth in cold and winter, Jointly create a stable social security atmosphere and achieve the win-win goal of close relationship between police and enterprises and harmonious internal and external development.

In his speech, Li Jianbao, the project manager, thanked the Airport Public Security Bureau for its strong support in safety management, stability maintenance of letters and visits, emergency response, etc., and said that safety has always been a key concern of our company and our project.


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